Denmark burka ban: Designer protests at Copenhagen Fashion Week


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"No man should decide what women wear"? I find that very ironic when it comes to burkas. If it's not a symbol for oppression of women I don't know what is. Women in other parts of the world fight for the right not to have to wear these garments - and those who do so voluntarily either don't realize that they have been brainwashed by weak men who are afraid they can't hold on to their women if they don't hide them from the world, or they are part of the problem themselves. As are those who blindly support this.

On the beaches in this, the hottest of summers, I have seen familys with men and boys happily swimming and playing in the water, wearing only shorts, while their wives and older daughters sit in the shadow, fully covered, and can only watch them while trying not to melt, I can only imagine. This is why I'm so mad at the defenders of this. I want to go up to these weak men and ask: "Why do you hate your women, your daughters? Why do you think they are not to be trusted? Why do they not have a right to cool off in the heat? At least cover yourselves up aswell and see how it feels. If you truly think this is what god commands, it should apply to you aswell. You weak, weak men...

Firstly, I do know many lovely muslim women and men, however none of whom are covering themselves up or forcing family members to. I'm not an islamophobe, but I think I might be a "religious-fanatic-ophobe".

Secondly, Adil Khan puts the finger on why I'm bothered by these hypocritical men. He suggests I walk "shamelessly naked" when I go swimming in my bikini. This is the thinking they raise their daughters to believe - no wonder they later "choose" to not "walk in shame"...

If you believe it comes from free will and not from brainwashing - ask yourselves why it's only practiced by people who like to shame women for being... women. Isn't that the way god created them? Why would it be his intention that you should cover up his creation? I'd be offended if I were him.

Danish designer Reza Etamadi used the runway to make a statement.

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Why is wearing a burka a security concern? Hundreds and thousands of criminals out there, all shapes sizes, sexes and colour but only woman wearing a burka automaticly assumed to be a criminal. Yes there have been cases of men wearing burka's to commit crime, but most of them were caught and now in prison as wearing burka's made it easier to catch them, yet thousands of criminals still at large. There is only one reason and only one reason bigoted support of islaaphobia.

They know why we disagree with it but they don't care. They think they can have different laws in the same country.we all have to abide by the laws wherever we are or pav the consequences.

I'm really torn on this one. Most of me says, I totally support anyone's right to choose what to wear and when to where it. It's absolutely your choice.

Another brain niggle says, I hate not seeing someone's eyes or face. When I'm out in a group on a sunny day it's hard to have a conversation if the person opposite you is wearing dark sunglasses.

And, there's that thing that agrees that you shouldn't wear a motorcycle helmet into a bank.

To be honest, I'm not sure where I stand on this!

I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when runways were used to sell overpriced clothes to people stupid enough to buy them, now it’s used to sell political agendas to people stupid enough to buy them. I guess there will always be stupid people.

Not models. It is Abdul and Amir from Bradford.