Costa Rica's top court rules against gay marriage ban


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It's written in the Quran, people will marry same gender and more burden to the earth and will expect more natural disaster, such as Volcano, earthquake, flood, wildfire, and air. avoid and don't face God anger.

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery" Dumbledore - Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

We can all quote works of fiction.

Religion and politics should never mix, it should never be forced on children, and laws should not be decided with religious prejudice in mind.

There is not only one religion and all should be respected but for sure gay marriage is not the reason of natuaral disasters .

I think you have no idea about Buddhism, the Buddhist people are very much against same-sex marriage.

Well the Quran says it so it must be true
😂 What a ridiculous comment.

Costa Rica court: End gay marriage ban.

LGBT rights became a key issue in Costa Rica's election earlier this year.

Why read any of it , they're all simply stories like fairy tales written many years ago and edited at later dates, believe in mankind, we're not all bad and we've been around for UM how long?

Fazil, Love isn’t unnatural. Loving someone is the greatest gift anyone can have. I love my sons and daughters. Is that unnatural? The sole difference between my loving my children and two same sex adults loving one another is simply I don’t express my love with committing to lovemaking with my kids. It’s not Romantic love.

How many adult men are married to women they have sex with, but don’t love?

Does it really affect you personally if two men or two women love one another?

There’s many examples of two same sex animals loving one another. Other animals don’t judge them.

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African are blessed it can never happened in Africa.

Bright Aboagye as I said, he is my boyfriend. He lives with me. We’re intimate. If you couldn’t infer that, then how could you possibly understand same sex relationships...?

BBC your platform is big and powerful and I know you have best people to investigate it please kindly published one evidence of same dog or cat having sex. I mean two male cat having sex. Why the western world are deceiving mankind????

Once again, this comment section is a CLASSY place. Check your calendar, it's 2018 not 1962.

Ah Religion... Holding mankind back since creation!

I can’t believe we still live in such an anti gay world. For Heaven’s sake, it’s the 21st century. People loving people, that really an issue? We have so much more worse things in the world going on and people are still upset over Madam and Eve or Adam and Steve? So ridiculous.

I wonder what will happen in 70 yrs ? Even animals which don't reason can not endear to do such shameful thing. God created man and woman for a reason.

.....always a fan of people objecting to other people doing something that has zero impact on their life...