Cornwall hit by 'tourist overcrowding' amid UK heatwave


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Ahhh good old Cornwall. Where they rely pretty much solely on tourism yet hate tourists.

Totally agree haha not the friendliest of folk down that way, but must be annoying having the A30 gridlocked at certain points constantly over summer holidays, beautiful tiny towns crowded beyond belief and no parking etc. Still it’s a lovely place, I stopped going as found its cheaper to go abroad.

The people of Cornwall have a special derogatory word for tourists: emmets. It is an ancient and fine tradition to moan about the emmets but live off the income they provide. No one dare suggest otherwise!

We don't hate tourists just the inconvenience caused meht. Bleddy emits!

I feel for people SW. We are forgotten when it comes to public transport, roads are gridlocked in the summer if the M5 is blocked we can’t travel. We pay highly for water, it’s our highest utility bill, as we pay to keep the beaches clean. We have numerous building projects, new towns, housing but no infrastructure to back it up. Many have to travel miles to shop, the internet connections are poor in many places non existent. We have mass migrant workers seasonally, working on farms. Tourist are bread and butter to the area, but many work outside that bracket and have trouble moving from place to place in the summer. I come from the SE I know what town life is like, but rural living is a different kettle of fish, please don’t judge too quickly, life looks good down here, but just as difficult as city life.

your infrastructure relies on European Union money yet you all voted Brexit, say no more.

Heatwave gridlock means Cornwall is "struggling to cope".

Why doesn't someone always bring Up brexit. We have always had problems on the roads down here way before brexit was a thing!

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I’m Cornish born and lived here all my life.... the problem Cornish people have with some tourists is the lack of respect they seem to show! From the litter left on the beaches to inconsiderate parking just to name a couple of problems. Also with regard to this article it seems a lot of tourists don’t have a clue how to drive on our country roads, if your Cornish you learn how to reverse or put your car in a hedge to let someone pass, it’s no good being precious about your car if your driving down the road to Porthcurno, often the road is single carriageway.... we love tourists but please do your research before you get here and learn to drive to the conditions .... oh and yes you will get stuck behind a tractor.

Tonia Swinscoe and you know it’s not locals, we don’t eat in Rick Steins... far to expensive x.

Not Cornwall, but on holiday in South Wales on similar roads, I was overtaken when stationary, waiting for a herd of cows to cross the road. He soon saw why I'd been stopped.

We can cope with it , but tourists can’t cope with our roads , so instead of going where they want to get to , they flip their caravans and drive at 5 mph in country lanes.

Wouldn’t catch me here, rip off place, south Wales all the way cheap as chips and plenty for the kids to do.