Cockroach found in Dunstable KFC Zinger burrito


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If you're ordering a burrito at KFC, you are already living on the edge.

Kentucky Fried Cockroach,(KFC).

Considering the millions of meals served in fast food restaurants every day, it would be more surprising if the occasional foreign body wasn't found.

I’d be more concerned finding half a cockroach in something I was eating. Yet another reason to only eat food I make myself, at home.

"When dealing with fresh, natural produce things like this can sometimes unfortunately happen." Cockroaches are (frequently) fresh and definitely natural, but nobody would call them produce.

Then I suggest they have to tighten preserving /storage method!

Abduljalal Salisu Kura Yes, I insist on fresh cockroaches only.

A protein supplement..he should have paid a few more pennies I say.

just a few more ??! ... much more bro.

Bug agriculture is the future of destroyed earth.

If you want extra proteins I’m afraid this is not the best strategies
😅Cockroaches can transmit the following diseases
Typhoid Fever
Cockroaches can also trigger asthma and other allergies as well as spread E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus.

Have it well done then.

If it’s fried, it died.

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It gives your KFC that little extra 'crunch'.

One KFC location served my friend and I chicken with blood still on it. I made a complaint with the health department. Unfortunately, this place is still serving food in downtown Chicago.

This is my local KFC - absolutely disgusting! Puts me right off wanting to go there now. Shameful! They need to fix that place up or they will have no one there soon.

I go Into KFC's as part of my job and none seem to have a daily cleaning routine in any of them and the staff toilets are filthy. I wouldn't eat at any of them after what I see !!

Oh no! That must mean that the whole of KFC is the same and then this one restaraunt was just unlucky to be caught!

I was served glazed cockroach on water chestnut at a Vietnamese place, not what I ordered BTW. I asked for my meal to be comped because, you know glazed cockroach. They said no because I’d eaten over half of it. Yeah, before I found the cockroach.

You guys are lucky because you can always find some strange stuff in your food. I don’t even know how many flys or cockroaches I have eaten without knowing it.

Can you start cleaning please? This maybe a great source of protein but it’s still not widely accepted so far in this societ.

Of all the things they could have offered her I think another meal must go down in history as the worst possible compensation. I am so thankful that I never ever eat anything that comes out of these fast food nightmares.

Well at least now we know what the secret ingredient is in their batter. This must simply have been one that escaped the powdering process.

we eat bug parts every day in our foods....

We used to call roaches "zingers" in the old days. One zinger isn't enough to technically call it a "zinger burrito" according to the FDA, though, I bet. I demand an investigation into this naming practice by KFC.

It may be the only living thing ever served at KFC.

Extra protein. Usually you get charged extra for that.

I think it was better when they ran out of chicken.

I’m shocked at such a fine quality food establishment.

Will this be making an appearance in Australia, Jake?

It’s all part of the condiment.

I love BBC captions! Your social media team is great!

Kat West a hair isn’t so bad after all.

Should have paid more. Extra protein.

Probably more nutricious than the actual 'chicken' that KFC serve up!