Chuka Umunna tells Jeremy Corbyn to 'call off the dogs' to stop centre-left MPs being driven out of Labour


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Well done Chuka, you've just alienated yourself even more and called about half a million Labour members "dogs". We support JC not you. Please go away and start your own little political cult if you don't want to be part of the biggest political movement in decades.

That too caught my attention. His use of the word dogs to refer to persons within his own party who hold a different view is rather telling.

Good luck winning an election as the way the Labour party is going your half million are the only votes labour will get.

Chuka will be the leader of the Labour Party one day.
I’m also centre left and not a fan of JC.
He’s way to left for me.

Iman Taqwa Umm Sulaim well it's just totally disrespectful to anyone who supports JC and the reality is that even with all the recent smears, the membership hasn't been dented.. It's actually increased with the polls! These Blairites just go on and on shooting themselves in the head.

Tom Owen Labour got over 12 million in the last election just 15 months ago. Your figures are wide of the mark just a tad.

James Browne don't kid yourself .

It just shows you how alienated you are by right dominated parties that any bit of left wing politics is "too left". Obviously supporting people who are disabled or poor or building housing is too much for some people if there isn't profit involved!

Blatantly obvious the term “call off the dogs” is not being used to refer to half a million Labour members. Try looking up the term for its real meaning.

I didn’t vote for the lad election as I would t vote for JC - he’s massively divided the Labour Party and is in borrowed time.
We need to start fresh.


If Umunna and his chums didn't constantly decide to challenge the leadership despite being rebuffed every time by the voting members then maybe those same voting members might have a little more patience with him.

But hey, thanks for calling us dogs.

Group who claimed they would prefer a Tory win over their own supposed party complain when the general voting base dislikes them... hmmmm

Centre left haha hes right wing . Sooner hes gone the better.

About time that these middle of the road Labour M.P. s were de selected. Jeremy has created the opportunity for voters to choose between real Socialism and The Tories.. Some of these M.P.s claim to be Blairites. Well it,s time that he,and his ideals were expunged from the Party.Umunna ,in the past, refused the chance to stand for the leadership of the partySince then he has been a problem for Labour with his views. It ,s been hard enough for Jeremy to stand up to the right wing elte, press and broadcasters without Umunna and others of his ilk trying to split the party.Perhaps they could form a new party, we,ve all seen how well the Liberal Democrats are doing.

Better off forming a new party anyway. The Labour Party can’t even decide on a definition of anti-semitism, let alone be the main opposition. How on Earth can anyone vote for them in a GE at the moment is beyond me. I’m usually a floating voter and go for either Labour or the LD’s. At the moment neither are an option.

Labour will never be in power as long as it only appeals to one section of the country, and that leaves way open for more depressing years of austerity and Brexit, thanks a lot.

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The Labour Party needs to broaden its support, with moderates, to far left and and the Labour Party is doomed to yet another defeat, leaving the Tories by in Again. Don't let that happen.

I thought he was setting up a centrist party to keep austerity going? Not going so well?

Umunna has to take some responsibility for the extremist takeover of the labour party and consequent inevitable purging of those who do not share their extremism, he did drop out of the leadership race. The country needs a new party (UK on march?) more than it did in the 80s.

No matter what your views are about corbyn , the bbc are supposed to be neutral and give us the real news , this seems to be a witch hunt against one man , we all know the bbc supports the tories but isnt it time they went back to reporting things that matter ?

I remain to be convinced that Corbyn is sufficiently tolerant of difference to earn my vote. The nasty comments I see by supporters of Corbyn make me wonder if Chuka has a point. I'm somewhat concerned too about Momentum.

So, after three years of Blairites trying everything they can to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, they turn around and claim that Corbyn is the one who has been attacking THEM? This is incredibly dishonest.