Chinese mosque standoff risks peace in model Muslim province


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Yea that’s not a good thing, suppressing these people will make some of them resort to violence. Let time & knowledge wipe out their stupid religion don’t do it artificially that will never work.

Well stupid as you are! Try not to be.

l mean all the religions in this particular case it would be Islam.

One country's determination to control religion threatens to backfire.

Chinese government doesn't care what world thinks of them,few months ago they demolished a Multi Million Dollar church.They don't try to appease any religious community .

er christain churches have been knocked down by china and nothing on it by the bbc.

West can not sanction on China because of strong economic and military power .Sanction only for weak ,poor countries.

Chinese mosque standoff risks peace in model Muslim province.JPG

"The local government justified its decision to raze the mosque on the grounds that it did not receive proper building permits, making it an "illegal building." In response, the predominantly Hui Muslim residents of Weizhou occupied the building to block the demolition."

Nothing can backfire in China.It has got different set of tools to deal public outrage.

Go ahead,take the wrecking ball to it,and they'll see a revolution that would make Tianamen square look like a garden party in comparison.

the super proud people of 'Islamic republic of Pakistan' call China their best friend..
Oh the irony..

You just have to make sure to demolish all houses of worship equally.

But china has already destroyed thousands of Buddhist monasteries.

Non Muslim can live hapily in a Muslim country, but why there are so many problems when it comes to Muslim live in Non Muslim country.

The Chinese govt is led by hooligans who don't know the value of faiths ,people's faiths are their fundamental right.