Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feud turns physical at New York party


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nicky is the best woman rapper of all the time... Cardi b is just jealous and hater.

They'r both rediculous.

Honey G?

Word nicki all the way.

Talking to music. Rex Harrison did it better in My Fair Lady.

Totally think you have that backwards. The only thing Nikki has put out recently is crying about how everyone is cheating and that’s why she isn’t doing as good lately .

Lmao yal must be millenials .. Have you ever heard of mc lyte, foxy Brown lil Kim I can go on...

No she's not Nicki is.

Definitely not the best of all time by any stretch.

Cardi is better no matter what because Nicki Minaj supports her pedophile brother.

None of the women right now got anything on legends like Missy.

Missy Elliot?

If Nicky is the best female rapper of all time, that's really not saying much for the female rap game is it.

Why is BBC reporting on this foolishness.

because it’s funny.

Livon Kelly, wait, don't you think that ALL media outlets need to stay diverse and relevant? You have options, use them.

BBC should leave these stories to TMZ.

Livon Kelly, you're forgetting that most artistes have an international fan base.

Because news outlets cover Entertainment news as well. Don't be shocked next time you pick up a newspaper 'cause there's a whole section in there that's gonna make you mad.

If you arnt interested dont read it. It's a bit like a newspaper you don't have to read the sport section if you're not interested in sport. I'm not a fan of either of these 'artists' but I still read the item as it has hopefully given me a better understanding of this genre.

Sithari Ó Ceallaigh, that's an age old feature of any news outlet. I'm kinda stymied as to why he's such a stickler on this.

Because 2 drags queens fighting is important I guess?

Literally EVERY news outlet has an entertainment section.

These two don't even look normal, how would they even know what a normal baby would look like, surely they have better things to do, idiots.

What type of 2 grown women physically fight?! At a major event no less?! And why do we report on it? Gross.

Oh well! Just imagine what would happen to their careers if they didn't act out. BBC ~ I really wish this wasn't news!

I thought I was the only one reacting to their makeup. They have professionals working for them. They are both beautiful woman. The makeup artist for both used techniques that distract from their beauty and not enhance it.

Two not good looking talentless woman, if there is a law that stops the entertainment business in general, those two would be grocery checkout girls or something.

Surprised the BBC didn't mention the Kardashians being involved somehow. Or is that the job of the Daily Mail?

... with the amount of make-up and nose jobs they look like clowns... why can’t people just try to be confident without all those things... I’m no looker upper, do u see me looking like them?!

If that baby looks like it's mama, I could understand why. Cardi is just the flavor of the week and will be forgotten by next year.

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Two successful women fighting in public. Whew! I can’t believe they lowered themselves to that level.
Were they told by their directors to fight each other huh? . Something fishy here . May be the fight could lead to new songs from both of them.

Another opportunity for both to step away from the spotlight and retire. Neither can seem to handle their game at all.

This is the last thing I give a toss about. There are a whole lot more important stuff around the world to report on.

Oh please keep me fully informed at regular intervals about this enthralling front page news.....fuckwhitts.

That blonde one looks like she just gave up and walked out of the hairdressers in the middle of a terrible dye job.

Cardi B is trying so hard to be Nicki minaj.

They both need to act more mature and to be known ONLY for their art form, humanitarian efforts and such, NOT for unlady-like behaviour.

Womens make-up these days is awful. Or am I just old?

Keeping it classy, as always.

Nicki will always be nicki. Cardi b needs to be the better person and Make millions off of it. Fighting puts her on nicki level now. Nicki can't handle a treat to her self appointed title Queen of Rap.

Nicki Minaj seems to have feuds with everyone.

Cardi B’s eyebrows is killing me

I dislike both, so...
🤷‍♀️ Remember when we had quality female rappers like Queen Latifah and Eve?

They look like witches or something like this

Nobody had a scuffle. The security elbowed cardi.

My prediction is that they will both be irrelevant in 5 years.

fight between silicone and botox. At fashion week? Dressed up like drag queens for a calling comic session
🤦🏼‍♀️[nothing against drag queens.

They look like cartoon characters , very plastic looking

These idiots must be banned entireIy. I listened a Minaj's song : If the music is this then next generation totaly suck so bad.

A fashion party? Are you sure it wasn't a circus?

Cardi B face leaving the venue with that Bump. Not one bit bothered
👸🏼 .

Not news. Who cares?

Need video please.

Apparently they never learned beauty comes from within.

Are we still in high school?

Naomi we need some popcorn and a big screen tv, I'm loving the 21st century so far.

Complete and utter foolishness. Both look like makeup school mistakes.