Can you recommend me some fishing games!

Hello! Can you recommend me some fishing games! I would like to play such games for a couple of evenings as this is my favorite topic. I am currently playing Fisherman Life. Improve everything from your fishing ability to the strength of your fishermen. Increasing your strength will allow you to catch more valuable fish and eventually earn enough money to reach new waters. You will find new exotic species and valuable crustaceans there!
Hi! I also love to play games about fishing. I also like to play games for money. So I play Royal Fishing at In order to win a reward, you need to determine the bet size, the exact value of one of your shots and go ahead to the fisherman. Shoot targets, the smaller the target, the lower the payout. If the target is big, the reward will be big, but don't forget that you will spend more shots on a bigger target, and each shot pays. Find your optimal style of play and enjoy Royal Fishing