Ben Stokes found not guilty of affray after street brawl outside Bristol nightclub


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Unbelievable outcome, considering the video evidence, typical British judicial system were the rich and famous get away with it and the common man would have been jailed for 3 years, joke.

It would have been dropped months ago if he was a commoner. Only reason it got this far is because he was a sports star. It’s hardly a disgrace on the judicial system.

it was shown on the BBC, him actually punching two men , I think that’s a bit clear cut don’t you.

Really, I rather think if this had been a black teenager, he would by now be on his way to a year in jail. This is not the first time Ben Stokes has been involved in thuggery - perhaps the judge is a member of the MMC.

England cricketer Ben Stokes has been found not guilty of affray after a fight outside a Bristol nightclub.

His bank balance will have substantially decreased by the time he has settled his legal bills. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this, surely he will avoid trouble now.

Don’t bring the colour of his skin into the debate ffs.

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I had to look “affray” up. I don’t believe we use that term in the US. At least I had never heard it before.

Obviously all cricket fans on the Jury... Unbelievable outcome!.. Video evidence doesn't matter anymore it seems.

An independent jury have seen enough to reach their not guilty verdict , he hasn't been tried by little clips from social media and the news so he's free but I hope he learns some lessons from this.

We all knew he had enough money to get away with his disgusting behaviour.

Another victory for Sir Bob Massingbird !!!