Beaches 'spoiled': Should rock stacking be banned?


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Whatever next? Sandcastles will need planning permission?

Unless you make the government king of that castle, you're gonna get smoked.

Didn't find the paragraph that explained how it is actually "ruining the environment".

Here in South Carolina, they ask people to tear down sand castles and fill in any holes dug on the beach when you're done. I don't think there's any legal consequences if you don't, but it's best to do it for the sea critters.. especially for the sea turtles who can get stuck in the holes. It's fine to play with nature, but best to return it to the way you found it.

Rock stacks in woodland areas can topple and kill wildlife or disrupt the delicate ecosystems in streams and deprive already endangered wildlife of breeding areas and homes.

Critics of the practice say the trend for piling up stones on beaches is ruining the environment.

Why can't people read an article, learn something, and say "perhaps these people have a point?" Instead we immediately shoot down anything we don't agree with, yet ultimately know nothing about. It's strange how averse to listening and learning we have become. Or maybe we have always been. ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

I read n still think its nonsense.

I read to find a point but cannot.

You know what’s worse for the environment? Basically anything else.

And just so you all know.
- Just because you dont believe in the impact, doesnt stop it from happening.

-you can worry about multiple environmental issues at once.

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They say it's bad for the environment and a threat to wildlife but don’t explain why. They may have a point if they explained why.

Is is everyone missing the fact that if you don’t like them, you can just push them over? And then the next person can build one? And then the next person can push them over? And then the next person can build them? ...

Seriously, if they’re in your way, push some over. And if you want to stack one, go ahead..........? I’m missing the point where this should be a debated topic.

As someone who has lived for 5 years in a national park, it becomes quite exhausting constantly pushing over other people's fake inukshuks and other stacked-stone idiocies.

Examine your own self, and question your desire, or need, to stack up a bunch of stones. What is that about? Is that about you selfishly putting yourself into an environment that you are not part of? Why would you do that? Just resist the impulse to modify what doesn't belong to you.

I'll tell you what is bad for the environment, oil spills, rubbish left on beaches, rubbish being dumped in the sea, piled rocks NOT so much! Prioritise.

Did I miss where it explains how this is bad for the environment...?

The animals and organisms that use the Rocks as their homes. It's disturbing their ecosystem.

I love that folks in the U.K. are worried about tiny piles of rocks ruining the environment....meanwhile here in the USA we’ll drill for oil in your back yard and run a pipeline through native burial grounds.

So the article never states how it harms the environment outside of "leaving a trace". When are we going to accept that nature isn't just something that we should look at but that we are apart of it. Rather than focusing on leave no trace how about we focus on learning to live harmoniously and sustainability with nature.