Bannon said U.S Presidents Trump facing a 'coup'


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"I am not a conspiracy guy"
😂 Reuters, I bothered to read the article because you bothered to write it, but how disappointing. Talk about the bottom of the barrel.

Stop giving him a platform. I will not be clicking on any links with his image or his name in the title. Not even his obituary when his liver finally gives up.

Reuters, this is the second article I’ve seen from you this morning that features Steve Bannon’s opinion about a current event. Please stop peddling irrelevance. I’m afraid not many will stop to read the articles if you continue this nonsense.

Trump is facing pushback by real Americans who love this country, not themselves.

Why are media outlets giving press to this s**t disturber? Please ignore him.

I don't know who is stupider or more offensive - trump or bannon.

Why is Reuters sharing this sleaze’s opinions in multiple articles this morning? What on earth?

He’s just trying to stir up trouble On behalf of a dangerous minority...and Reuters: stop helping him. I will tell you this: if that dangerous minority is threatening the United States of America, they Need to be crushed. The USA is a nation of laws, not men, or it is no different from a 3rd world banana republic.

Oh, look! Steve Brannon’s trying to be relevant. Go back to your wine jug, Bannon.

Yes, a bloodless coup.
Well, it would have to be.
Trumpie has only hamburger and fried chicken grease running through his veins.

Have another drink, Steve.

Reuters LOVES Steve Bannon by the look of my news feed. Why? Bannon is also offering his opinion on all things Vatican. Bannon is nothing but a never elected, well compensated strategically placed (By Mercers and Cambridge Analytica) anarchist.

The real coup - the take over of our democracy by 45 and his white supremacist, radical right, faux christian GOP extremists.

This coup Bannon describes is not the crisis. People who will listen to old Sabotage Steve are. This dick ushered in the crisis.

he must have put his pustule head together with Alex Jones to come up with that Gem.

No sympathy for the devil.

Why is anyone interested in what Steve Bannon has to say about Trump? We read the original article, we can figure it out. We don't need Bannon's input.

Sorry, more crap from the crap-master, not worthy of print. Stop it Reuters, this isn’t a slow news day. I used to take you seriously, but this is a waste of my time.

Either B***** has more actual power than most of us suppose he has, or media outlets just like him. He's a manipulator, a propagandist, he can't be trusted with the well-being of the nation ... and yet, there he is, getting free air time.

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Bannon's goal is the deconstruction of the state by dismantling current institutions Reuters. Consider a legal disclaimer when covering Bannon.

Bannon's just mad that he was kicked out & can no longer lead the coup. Wish we didn't have to care about him, but he's totally sleazy & plotting against Pope Francis too.

Go out and have a great day everyone, social media has made a mockery of Our Lives on so many levels especially this political Place we're in right now. Go help the less fortunate person, donate to social causes, pray, hug your children. Do something constructive for our country, for all of us in this country. Not just for some. And then go out and vote your conscience.

Anyone notice that not one person in the administration has denied his erratic behavior? They all say they didn't write the op-ed, but no one has refuted the claims. That "deep state" is from his own party and the people he appointed-all REPUBLICANS.

If by coup, you mean impeachment... then yeah.

Uncle Mikey wrote that piece for sure, and as a conservative Trump voter who’s sick of his arrogant narcissism, I’m glad there are conservatives near him growing tired, too.

Don’t worry Trump, that’s just Bannon’s liver talking.

The national direction is completely wrong. The environment will get more and more uncomfortable and problematic and the government will end up with confiscatory levels of taxation to attempt to deal with it far later than it should have been. This current denial of reality could hardly be more shortsighted and foolish.