Backlash over Arriva Trains Wales lost wallet return charge


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And if you don't pay it and they don't give it back? Call the police, they stole it. Keeping somebody's wallet although you know it is theirs is simply stealing.

Egle Burmali So if somebody loses their wallet, I can pick it up and demand for them to give me money because it cost me time and maybe even money to find and get to them? I just think this is ridiculous. Keeping a wallet lying around can't be very expensive.

So if i find a wallet with money in it, i can keep 10% of it before handing it in? Is that the law!? I thought if I did that I’d be a thief?

Charging shipping to get it back is one thing, but basing a cost on how much was in your wallet? That’s just wrong.

isn't that theft by finding??

They emptied the wallet and put it in their till? How is that not theft?! A couple of years ago a woman was charged with theft by finding for picking a £20 up and now has a criminal record, so how is this ok? The worlds gone mad.

I'm shocked that they actually went in his wallet, took all the money out, and put it in the till. Surely that's theft!

Not sure why any fee needs to be charged let alone how much money is in the wallet. What happened to good will.

I also wonder, if "Customers" can charge them for lost trains ?

They'd keep part of your money but it's not like they'd give you back £1 for every minute a train is late. They'd go bankrupt. Big businesses make me sick with this kind of thing.

So if I find someone’s lost child can I demand £50,000 to hand them back??? Can we do this with everyone’s things? Lost grandparents who may have Alzheimer’s and wandered off. Cool, my new job !

My husband left his cell phone on a British Airways plane when we landed home in Austin TX. Not only was he not charged a fee to pick it up, but they kept it fully charged until he got there 2 days later. They were fantastic.

My wife left her iPad in a cab in London, the cabbie handed it in to a police station who charged her a percentage of the value as a reward to the finder. Really can’t see what the issue is. Better the wallet is found and returned than completely lost.

I get charging people for delivery, company time and maybe if you encouraged people to hand it in by giving them 10% as a reward however this seems like just another way to profit off customers.

At least he got it back. I lost my purse on a trip to Athens last year. I missed it on my way to the airport for my flight home to Crete, but couldn't do much as I would miss the flight. A flight back, and a frantic weekend trying to contact a police station in Athens. On Monday morning I called in my bank to cancel my atm card and was greeted with smiles from the bank manager. He told me he had received a call from Athens police to let me know the purse had been found, but didn't have a telephone number for me to ring. I spent a week ringing all the police stations in the vicinity of our hotel and ended up with about 10 numbers, most not answered, and those that did, said they knew nothing about it. My local police station told me to ring the Parthanon police, as they have all lost property. I did at the earliest opportunity, but they wouldn't tell me if it was there, even though I told them my bank cards for both Greek and British banks were in it and my driving licence. They insisted that I come personally to the police station there to report the loss. This would have meant another flight to Athens, and a stay overnight until the flight back. More than the approximate 500 euro's in the purse. As a pensioner, that was out of the question without knowing if it was there. I never received my purse back or the contents.

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The same thing happened to me at Stansted airport i dropped my phone on the way outward journey i rang them said I would collect it in one week i did and it cost me £50.

Why should we all pay higher fares to pay for someone forgetting their wallet. It is 10% up to £10 to me that is worth it for the cost of the ID and everything else running a lost property service is not free.

Admin fee and postage fee sound legit to me but 10% of what is in the wallet !! Outrageous !!!

When my Mum left her phone at Edinburgh airport they charged her £20 to get it back on her return from holiday!