Babies in prams 'face more pollution' than adults


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Why would the adults be in prams in the first place?

adults with a chicken sized brain not only need to be in prams but they need to be in diapers too!

"They are also more at risk from the health dangers of dirty air because their bodies are small and developing." I'm really interested to know how much money those "experts" spend to fund a study with the above conclusion that a drunk person can really end up with!

Scientists say the results are "extremely worrying" — parents may agree.

Today I learned: people in the UK call strollers, "prams".

Robert Neve this is a buggy in UK, a pram is a baby carrycot style like one in the posts photo.

I solved this problem by not having any kids.

Ok, I have to ask...why do you guys call a baby carriage a pram? I always knew a pram to be a barge that transports goods from ships too big to enter into a harbor?

Because Americans have to simplify everything.

Dragon's Den this week had a couple of uys that had invented an air filter specifically for children in push chairs...

Ill put my kid in a wheelbarrow. Thanks for the info.

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Iv said that for years, could have paid me to tell you.

That's why stay away from city centres with the babies as much as possible!

I don't think children under 8 should be taken shopping.

Children need to play a lot burn off energy and a shop isn't suitable.

this is what I was saying about the double ones with the baby at the bottom!!

I've been saying this for years.

what i always said about pearls pram being high up.

They are lower to the ground period, whether or not they are in a pram.

Yes It was not verified in late 80 ies when I had my children logical thinking told me that. Great science is spread.

Shock horror. It's been the same all my 63 years. They keep reinventing the wheel.

I'd like to be all day in a pram and have someone push me around...

Grab a baby sling if you can.

When I see people running to keep fit on busy main roads I cringe. Its like smoking but we have no choice in the matter we all have to breath in diesel fumes every day of our lives...