Awkward moment for Trump's son-in-law as he's literally locked out of trade talks


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As a Canadian, this pleases me.

as an American, it pleases me as well! Do you think we'll get a tweetstorm from Spanky McBonespurs as a result?

As an American it pleases me as well. We deserve this.

This pleases me too!!

Yessss!!! Keep the door locked!!!

Becky Lawrence, outnumbered and petty!

Becky Lawrence clearly you do or you wouldn't have bothered to respond, on a British news site to a Canadian poster, but you keep telling yourself that! Trump supporters love their own version of reality.

Becky Lawrence Well since Jared was going to a Canadian meeting, Charlotte IS an interested observer. Or is she not entitled to have views on what her government is doing?

As a Brit, this please me, I know we’re not really involved but it’s just good to see.

As an American, this pleases me too.

Stephen Pemberton as a Brit, me too.

As an American I am absolutely thrilled!!!

Liz Turner Apparently he thinks Twitter is blocking him. Hahahaha.

As an US citizen this please me.

As an American this is as close to a win as we’ve seen all year.

Can we Americans all admit we are following BBC to get any real news?

Go away Jared, the adults are speaking now. Kindly go have a seat at the kiddie table, and do keep mum. Better to be seen and not heard.

He should learn when to walk away, as a Jehovah’s Witness, we don't even wait THAT long for a door to open.

Tonya Perry, that's NOT quite true. Last Saturday, they rang my doorbell 3X! And it wasn't how many times, but the length of time in between rings. I'm waiting to see if they'll come back today, cause I'll be compelled to ask them to stop disturbing me.

Why the hell would a son in law be attending trade talks!?!?

Wtf does he know about trade talks?

Lightweight rich kid has no business bothering the grownups.

Good. He’s got no business in there. Not an elected official, nor a member of the Cabinet. There is no accountability.

I am Canadian. One small moment in FU history captured by the BBC for posterity.Yes, I am freely admitting to being petty, but this was lovely. Thank you.

He actually looked like a kid, sniggering and turning away from the camera when he was asked a question. How many other presidents have employed their whole family and used them at this level?

Maybe if he had arrived on time this wouldn’t happen. The world doesn’t revolve around this unqualified rich kid.

How does this guy still have a job with supposedly no security clearances?

Love to see him uncomfortable. He has caused the rest of us a great deal of discomfort, taking his untrained, inexperienced self into important places he has no right to go.

There' s no awkward moment. He's just waiting to go through a little bit long.

This is seriously like when my little brother would be stuck outside my bedroom door when my friends would come over. He needs to go grab a snack from the kitchen and just wait for the big kids.

Get use to it, he will hopefully soon be staying inside a room, locked and only to be open from the outside.

I am surprised he acted this way. He could have turned this moment into a positive meme or something. Not good at all in PR skills I bet.

Why do I imagine Jared shaking his fist and going, “my father will hear about this!”

When you’re left in a hallway as an adult, but should’ve been left in a hot car as a child.

Kushn er family properties have many violations on their buildings Owe hundreds of thousands in fines. Another crook.

The lefties must be running the bbc news.

This is news because Trump said he would not bargain in good faith with Canada. Perhaps negotiating goes better when there is no trump in the room. Thanks BBC.

Thank god the BBC has reported this really important story.

Awkward moment for Trump's son-in-law as he's literally locked out of trade talks.JPG

What goes around comes around! This is what happens when Trump disrespected our good neighbor, Canada.

What? A career unethical commercial developer isn't invited in to complex international trade discussions?

Am Ghanaian & nothing to do with this.... But it really really pleases me seeing this or anything of such nature done to the Trumps.

That might become very common the longer Trump stays in power
🤣. I could ‘literally‘ hear him shaking in his pants with embarrassment
👖 through my phone.

I have an image of what's happening the other side of the door...people sniggering and watching it on utube. That pleases me. Pressing get the like button!!

hahahaha. . to bad they cant just do this at the white house. welcome to the worlds trumpism.

Geez, could this inept administration be any more embarrassing for the US?

Ok, let's get this straight...some rich kid, who had to buy his way into University, who married the daughter of the now President. Who has NO trade, economic or labour knowledge, is participating in the forging of a document that will affect millions of workers, in 3 different countries?
Don't just lock the doors on him.
Barricade them!