Astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell donates £2.3m prize to boost diversity in science


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The white male who actually created the Greatest civilization the world has ever known is the most hated person today.What a shame!. World is made of very ungrateful people. Madam scientist, science is not colour of your skin or gender. Science is facts. Ride on to spend your money.And you can as well spend without making it public. Mind you Am a black man.

Astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell donates £2.3m prize to boost diversity in science - Female scientist was controversially omitted from Nobel Prize awarded to her male colleagues.

Maybe our world would have been 10000 times more advanced if women would have had the same chances as men. I guess we will never know what would have happened...

Your certainty is misplaced Atabong. Science is about uncertainty. It is a method, not a series of facts. That is the great thing about it. At the very least, scientists must decide what to study. That is influenced by their values. The goal of science is to be objective, but the practice of science, like all human endeavor can be value-laden. To counteract this, it is important for all to take part. I am a geoscientist. It’s important for scientists to understand a little of the philosophy of science.

Once when I was in Engineering Physics 2, a guy was debating my answer to the question and said "well, I'm a guy, so...", as if I should give up because I was not, in fact, a guy. I bet not even a quarter of the class were females. Would be great to help young women who want to go into the science field but are not able to!!

Ao Li No, the guy would always want to double check my math and would ignore me in group discussion. Point is, he's not the only guy I've dealt with doing stuff like that in the science field.

And has anyone stopped to ask/think why this is happened. In Working with young school age females in the UK as part of a stem (Science, Tech, engineering,math) project that my employer runs, has shown me that we are still fighting against the sexism and unconscious bias that men have had drilled into them for years. It’s about time the world woke up and realised this......many females in computer engineering have faced similar. So stop making excuses, medicine has always been marketed to women (nurses and so forth) and recently Dr/Surgeons. But Science Technology Engineering and math is where women are underrepresented and that’s because of how it’s marketed from a young age.

A shame that the only men commenting aren’t doing so in support of you. Says a lot. Asking whether you may have ‘misinterpreted’ him and another doubting it is true....

Hannah Lou Henderson as a guy with a Bsc in Biology and currently working in a scientific field I have experienced that same interaction from women, would I be equally just in assuming their intentions? I’ve also experienced it many times from men, would I be any more justified in assuming their intentions?

Chris Lawler If a women does the same to you it is still sexism and does not make it right. The whole point of the post is the fact there are not many females in the field and it's great this woman is trying to make a difference.

A lot of condescending men on here just reaffirming your point.

Hannah made it through, that she did. However Hannah is one of the 20% of women in the STEM area. Do for that I am proud and so should she be - I’m sure she is. But all these defensive, patronising comments really show is immaturity. Look at the stats, do a bit of research factor in some history and voila you’ve a full picture and can then (hopefully
🤔) understand the overwhelming issue here....

The fact that most people criticizing this are white males speaks for itself.

I'm so lost. In an age when you can pick any college major regardless of your ability to pay (get a loan) there is a bias? Major in something that pays the bills. Physics seems like something that pays. Is it difficult? I'd assume so. But if you like it, just do it. Doesn't matter if your male female, anything in between.

Women are woefully underrepresented in sciences and technologies because they’re generally not exposed to the ideas when they’re very young. It’s not as simple as just go to university and do it. Many universities require a pass at A level or higher in the specific science and the foundations for a pupil carrying on a subject start way before the pupil comes to apply for university. A love for a subject can start when a child is handed lego bricks to build something, or a doll to cuddle. Just look at the adverts for Christmas toys; boys are playing with lego technic or science kits, girls are squealing over a doll that pees realistically. We then wonder why many girls in school and later on women feel science isn’t for them.

3 years ago a science professor at my UK university (one that's supposedly ranked as a 'top 10 in the world' and first to accept women here as well!) was fired because he believed in having separate labs for women because they were a distraction and cry too much. To the men and some women arguing how there is no sexism in traditionally male degrees, you're fooling yourselves... there must be a reason why we are still so underrepresented on those courses in spite of grades attained.

White male bias? Funny. Girls outperform boys in school, including subjects like math. More women get a degree than men in the UK as well. But because women CHOOSE not to pursue STEM suddenly things become sexist and biased. Gtfo.

Her discovery was literally credited to her male colleagues who received the prize for it instead. Ask yourself why if girls are outperforming boys like you say, men get the credit for women’s work? And that is the bias.

Prof Bell Burnell's story has been both an inspiration and motivation for many female scientists. As a research student when pulsars were discovered, she was not included in the Nobel prize citation - despite having been the first to observe and analyse the astronomical objects (a type of neutron star that emits a beam of radiation).

Why does she think minority has to be payed to go to physics? Everybody can study physics, if it interests her/him.

This comment section should be good...

No self respecting scientist would allow their gender or race interfere with carefully researched and and well planned approach to the utilization of scientific method in any field of experimentation or calculation. Any self respecting scientist of anyone category of creature or another that would use those categories and allow them to effect the results of their scientific practices knows that's this makes any result or conclusion they come to automatically incorrect. There is no discrimination in science. It either is or isn't. If it is possible you are able. If it can be concluded then anyone can replicate the experiments and produce the same results consistently. Always. If that is not the case it is not discrimination but one of two things it is either not possible or you have failed. Failure is always an option. Anyone can err and produce failure. Equally as anyone can successfully determine that which is correct and continually strive prove precisely what is real, accurate, and factual through dedicated control of factors and variations in conditions and objective observation of all that is experienced.

Science makes the world a better place for all not only in what we are able to achieve with it but how the study of science improves the entire world one beautiful mind at a time.

Even if we disagree currently about correct or we come to different conclusions for a time. No matter the topic at hand. Science doesn't change.

The pursuit of science and knowledge is where unity can be found.

Your reaction to this is %100 organic Stardust.

Can we give her another prize just for being an absolute inspiring baller?? Gillian check out this Queen!

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I think Prof Burnell knows a bit more about the statistics in science, and specifically physics, than most, we can hardly accuse her of being stupid!.
She would have ,undoubtedly, donated her money otherwise, if she felt the need for it.
And the question here is not how Prof Burnell chose to use her prize, but why she had to, any such funding should come from governments and institutions.

If there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women, there’s a special place in heaven for those who do. What an inspirational woman.

The moment one says why does it matter, you've proved her right! There are many clever boys and girls but some face huge barriers to achieve. Investing in that group will produce inspiring scientist and the chain carries on. Besides she's the clever one and knows why she did!