Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Likens $10,000 Debate Offer by Conservative Columnist to Catcalling


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Going to go out on a limb here but I get the funny feeling that man doesn't have many interactions with women that weren't paid for.

I think he is married or in a relationship...

It's funny how you think that's an insult.

Did you just end an insult with a winky face?

Because rich married men with children would never cheat or do anything immoral....

Why would she waste time w/ him? he is not running vs her. She is far better known than he is outside his Wire/breitbart rightie circles- he’s hoping to steal some Publicity fr her. She is smart to reject.

Ben Shapiro started his career as a smug, self righteous punk- and he hasn't grown up one bit. He never will. She has more important things to do with her time than give incels hategasms.

Nick Thoemke Not at all. Its a joke.Just assuming not many women want to be around him because he is really unpleasant, which he is aware of so he just leads with, "I may be awful but if i pay you, maybe you'll think about it." Sexual or not who would really want to be around this man?

Feeling are usually wrong. Smart people base their decisions on facts.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was offered $10,000 by Ben Shapiro, a conservative blogger and speaker, to debate him. She likened the offer to catcalling.

I find it interesting that the right has all of a sudden become concerned with a political candidates overall knowledge of government. So now it matters if a candidate fully understands the issues? Hmm.

That's not true. A commenter on her Twitter demanded she respond to his offer and she said he's not entitled to a response. A man's demand is not a woman's obligation. You don't have to respond to a man who catcalls you on the street and you don't have to respond to a man who demands you debate him. It's an analogy.

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What a solid confident reply!!! Love it! "A man's demand is not a woman's obligation."

There you go...throwing around facts and common sense.

Why does Ben Shapiro feel entitled to anyone's time?

Offering someone money for their time, a politician whose job it is to serve the public no less, is pretty much the opposite of feeling entitled to it.

Why should an active politician debate a talking head who's never run for anything? Professional boxers don't accept challenges from club fighters.

Daniel, great analogy. Although in this case it wouldn't even be someone in a club, more like a drunk wandering around outside - no one who counts in the contest.

She's running a campaign; it's time-consuming and exhausting. Why on earth should she expend valuable time and energy debating a NON-candidate? He's trying to set up a publicity stunt for his own benefit.

I don't assume to speak for Ocasio-Cortez but I think anyone who tries to lure someone into a debate with the promise of money has already lost the debate.

No one should waste their time with Ben Shapiro.