Adele's support for friend's postpartum psychosis recovery


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I never had time for post partum Anything.
There was livestock to see to as well as a new baby.

Adele has posted an Instagram message supporting her best friend who's recovering from postpartum psychosis.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether you have time, it's not something you can choose to have, or not to have.

Kathleen’s an island and doesn’t need anyone ever.. how nice for her.

Pure uneducated ignorance.

Wow what an ignorant comment! So glad you never experienced psychosis.

No......just working through the iffy bits.
Back when.....we just did.
And did not have to suffer spite and malice.
I left this country dome 50 years is becoming the uglier by the day.
What happened to self suffiency.
To quietly getting on with it......
I'll help Anyone........but it helps to show them how to be strong.

This country is coming unraveled.
Get a grip.

Back then, people "went by" without saying anything because most of these illnesses were claimed to be taboo, or not even discovered. Hell, if women spoke of postpartum depression, they often got put in mental asylums.
😒 Times have changed, and we need to change the way society thinks about mental illnesses. That means getting off our high horses, and listening to others' stories.

Adele spotted her friend's illness.

I can't even get over how ridiculous your comment is. "Never had time" - what? Do you think people choose to have postpartum? Plus, even if they are richer or have more time, are their stories or troubles not worth listening to? Are they not worth helping? Jeez.

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I appreciate this story being out there. I'm a mental health social worker, and I experienced postpartum psychosis. I never had any urges to harm my child, only myself. I experienced a lot of dissociation and derealization. Even as a social worker I didn't understand quite what was going on with me. I understand now that PPP is *horrendously* underdiagnosed, and there's a shame factor involved in it too. As if you could have prevented the psychosis. Anyway, a therapist and a psychiatrist saved my life.

Thanks for posting this. Puerperal psychosis occurs due to hormone imbalance in the brain as far as I know. It is scary for the sufferer and her family.

I have just posted on Facebook a photo of my best friend who is suffering from schizophrenia. Admin, please make it a headline, for God's sake please.

More common than people know. In the mid 70s, a family member committed suicide from what we now believe was post partum psychosis. In the late 80s, my best friend had post partum psychosis, it was horrible and took her months to recover because the doctors had no clue. After her last baby was born, they immediately put her on meds and she got through it a bit easier. A celebrity bringing this to public attention helps those women who have had gone through it or are going through it, as well as gives the public more information.