A killer whale mourned her baby days after it died


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Poor Mama whale. They have such affection and love for their babies. Breaks your heart to know she lost her beloved baby!

This is what I’ll be crying about tonight. It’s just like the pilot whale that carried the dead baby for weeks.

We have humans killing their children left and right,
😡 and a anmial mourning the loss of its baby, tell me again animals do not feel emotions.

I live in the Seattle area and this just breaks my heart.

The post was telling us of how a mammal was pushing her dead offspring for days... and YET there is a WHOLE thread on whether is should be called an Orca or a killer whale?..
I bet there are quite a few folk who have only ever come across these creatures by watching Blue Planet..
The name was not the topic of the post...

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Please call them Orca (not killer whales...). They are dolphins.

his pod has had zero calves make it in 3 years. Zero. They are starving and their babies are dying because humans are stealing all the salmon and damming up the rivers that promote salmon.

This made me cry a lot last night, such pain
💔 Sorry mama Orca for your loss, I pray for you to be safe in the sea world and be protected at all times, someday be able to produce as many offspring. Be strong mama Orca.

Free Lolita! We have been fighting for years to bring her home to the waters of her birth, the Salish Sea, she is the last surviving free born Orca in captivity. She is a member of the Resident pod mentioned in this article. For those who believe a captive Orca can not be reintroduced into the wild, please google her name, there in a detailed comprehensive plan to achieve this. Her mother is alive and a member of this pod.

They are emotional animals...they share emotion ..they belong in wild ...she is mourning her dead calf ..think what happens when a baby is separated from its mother in the SeaWorld ..she’ll be facing same kind of loss .. I just don’t like people to enjoy a grieving mom performing in front of them..while deep down she misses her baby.

This is why I love animals more than people. While there are parents who throw away their children like yesterday's trash, animals grieve in a way we humans can't comprehend.