4 How your heart age is key to heart attack or stroke risk


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According to two ex wives, I don't have a heart.

No need to worry about heart disease.....

Just done this test, apparently I died 10years ago.

RIP I guess....

Simon Harris Thank you, it was a lovely service.

Not a big deal. You are just a zombie.

Toko Abunaw I knew I was different somehow!

Doesn't ask anything about your diet and exercise, so how can the results be anywhere near accurate?

Fundamentally flawed test. Why in this day and age are they still using BMI as a barometer for health?

This is a shameful indicator for heart age calculation! Nowhere does it ask for specifics in diet, alcohol intake and levels of activity, all of which contribute to the overall health of this very important muscle! It’s put me at 2 year over my actual heart age, and I am not overweight, exercise daily, I eat a healthy, balanced diet and have minimal alcohol intake, within DH guidance for females. This calculator could unnecessarily worry people, I can’t believe the NHS has agreed to be associated with it tbh!

It’s rubbish. It didn’t ask me anything about my exercise regime or drinking habits. Results based on height and weight (too heavy but a lot less than last year) and my dad having a heart attack
Big letters saying: reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure. Based on what?

Nonsense results......the wording of the blood pressure and cholesterol level questions make it deeply flawed.

It asks nothing about activity levels. Yet at the end tells me to get more active, I run 3-4times a week doing a minimum of 4 miles each time!!!

Yet we STILL give out the wrong health recommendations! A whole food plant based diet will litterally save the millions of lives and NHS £££ But the agriculture industry still gets its wicked way in to government and even charities. Wake up world, you’re destroying it and yourselves.

What a load of tosh ! So Public Health England have spent money on this. Can’t believe it’s based on the arcane B.M.I count . Went out with the Ark . Mentions nothing about diet or exercise.
Hope no one has bought me a Christmas card !

Where is the part if I smoke, drink, exercise, sleep and trying all the time to have healthy life style ??

It said my heart age is 82 and I’ll live until I’m 81. I’ve been dead a year then
However, I don’t know my cholesterol and I’m about a stone overweight- that messed up the result apparently. I’m 69 and walk about 50 miles a week, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t stress.

I did the test to see what the fuss was about. What a load of rubbish. My heart age apparently is 2 years older than the rest of me. Is this significant? No questions on diet (mine is healthy, very little processed food etc), no questions on exercise (whatever that is), no questions on alcohol (I rarely drink it) so how on earth do they come to any kind of conclusion? Meh.

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As long as they use BMI as a measure of weight risk rather than percentages of body fat their calculations are suspect.

The test is total nonsense. The calculation is based on flimsy/no evidence. A total con to simply gather your email and contact detail. Ignore this!!

Total nonsense! I have have two thorough cardio vascular exams in recent months both of which said that i hqve a strong heart which will last me.at least another 20 years. According to this I have the heart of a 95 year old.
I dont know what my cholesterol level but i do know that it is ok as i was tested for it and it was ok

Is it Public Health England whose money has been wasted on this tosh, or donations to the Heart Foundation? Either way it's extremely disappointing.

Bad test. No questions about exercise or eating. I had a cardiologist tell me my heart was in great shape (even with high cholesterol). I swim as often as possible (two to three times a week, and laps!), and eat a pretty good diet. Sooooo my heart is not 15 years older than the rest of me.

According to this website, my heart is that of a 51 yr old. I had an NHS health check just 4 weeks ago saying that I have under a 10% of heart risks and passed with flying colours. These websites just look at your weight, guess the BMI without taking into account any muscle mass.

The questionaire I did didn’t ask about exercise??! I’m bedridden with illness and genuinely want to know how much extra harm in terms of risks to my heart and stroke I’m getting from being extremely sedentary.

A ketogenic diet will cure type 2 diabetes! Yet the National Health Scandal don't use it, that test is nothing more than a gimmick!

About 15 years ago I had a 90 year old heart. Now at the age of 71 I have an 84 year old heart. Does this mean that when I get to 86 I will have a 69 year old heart?

I love the last suggestion to improve your heart health..... “read labels on food and drink packaging”

This is rubbish. Mine comes out as about five years less than my actual age. I have two heart conditions and have had a cardiac arrest.....

40 but apparently I will have a heart attack or stroke at 79
😂 can’t wait for that birthday!!

Ive had on ever since i was born, so its 43? oddly the same age as me.

Total b.s. dont do the online test. If you want to know, go to your doctor and get a full work up done.

Why isn't exercise part of the parameters?

Everytime i see pretty lady my heart goes pumpumpumpumpumpumpumpu!!!