Vertical biomass Steam Boiler factory

Henan Yuji Boiler Vessel Co., Ltd. is the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the People鈥檚 Republic of China approved the boiler and pressure vessel designated manufacturing enterprise, The company passes ISO 9001 international quality system certification, and gains the EU CE and other international certification ect.
We ensure the quality of our products with our life. Quality assurance systems are set, include the design production, technology management, material experiment, welding control, inspection and audit, measurement and production management. The technology center has enterprise cooperation relationship with Many famous universities in China, leading the industry with innovation and new technology, and building a strong research and development system.
The main products are oil gas fired boiler, coal fired grate boiler, biomass fired grate boiler, thermal oil heater, electric heating boiler etc. Yuji boiler has exported to more countries, including Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Russia, Mongolia, Switzerland etc.
Our Product
Oil gas fired boiler, Biomass boiler, Thermal oil boiler, Coal boiler, Steam generator, Pressure vessel, Electric boiler.
Product Application
Chemical plant,Textile plant, Food & Beverage,Garment manufacturing,Paper Plant, Printing and dyeing mill, Cement Plant,Fertilizer plant, Feed mills, Rubber factory, Schools, Hotel, Bath Center, Swimming Pool, Hospital, Hotel, etc.
Our Certificate
Our Service
Yuji Boiler has a professional domestic and foreign service team to provide you with a full range of pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and return visit services. High-quality services have always made our pursuit, and the service of Yuji Boiler warms every corner of the world.
1. 24-hour service, multi-channel contact. Recommend the most suitable boiler to the customer based on the customer's demand information, provide related products and technical data such as parameters, drawings, boiler room layout, etc. We will provide you with professional advice and purchase guidance to avoid suffering from the purchase of unsuitable boilers loss.
2. If you come to visit our factory, we will provide free airport pick-up service to help you book your hotel etc. to ensure your perfect journey experience.
Service during sale:
1. Guarantee boiler quality: We have our own factory, we can guarantee the efficiency and quality of boiler production!
2. Real-time feedback on production progress: We will send you pictures and videos of the production of boilers and auxiliary machinery parts in time to let you understand the production process.
3. Reliable transportation: Yuji Boiler has cooperated with experienced freight forwarding companies for many years to ensure that the products reach their destination intact. We have an overseas installation team to provide door-to-door installation, commissioning and regular maintenance.
4. Strict and complete inspection system: We have complete X-ray inspection, water pressure inspection, air tight inspection and other systems to ensure 100% pass rate before product delivery.
1. We have professional boiler trainers and overseas engineering teams to provide training for boiler operators and installation and maintenance services to solve problems in the process of boiler operation in a timely manner.
2. The 24-month warranty period, if the boiler body or accessories are damaged under normal operation, we provide free maintenance services, and only need to pay for the maintenance personnel.
3. 24-hour service hotline, providing professional billing services such as ship booking, commodity inspection, commercial invoice, packing list, insurance policy and so on.
Return visit:
We will regularly visit the usage of the boiler you purchased, and give solutions to the feedback problems to ensure timely, efficient and satisfactory return visit service.Vertical biomass Steam Boiler factory