Talk about MacBook Pro 2018 Core i9


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But I have already read other laptop manufacturers do the same thing when they have the really thin design as they struggle to cool properly. Just apple gets a lot more publicised when things like that happen. Thats for other companies that have laptops in a similar sort of price range.

Windows machines actually have fans they dont rely on thermal conduction to cool that's why macs are aluminum with windows I can overclock and watch the temp as not to go to far if you dont understand what I'm saying stick with your mac.

Yeah, of course, thermal throttling is a common thing. How apple stands out is that on their unlocked i9, they can not even hold the stock clock speed. That is ridiculous.

Yer well that's true, may as well save the money and buy the lower spec cpu as it won't end up being any slower in the real world usage.I still like the macbook pro's was really considering getting the new macbook pro 13 inch depending on what come out of the keynote this year and how the keyboard fix went, but I decided to go back and try windows again by getting, but my 2012 macbook pro has probably been the best computer I have ever had with the least amount of issues too, in sayng that hopefully it'll still be fine for a while longer as I am still using it for now.

Well don’t forget a Mac is usually double the price of PC. So the extra attention is usually warranted.

And Apple does not care. Baaah.

I'll take 500 Lord Jobs.

What a piece of crap lol how people can still buying high priced junk like that?

Cool. Literally. Was going to get a small freezer deal if I bought one.

One could say it is highly unlikely Apple would dare use vastly inferior thermal paste, but they do, even on the $5000+ iMac Pro! I say this with tremendous sadness as a Mac fan. YouTuber SnazzyLabs has done a couple videos on this, as have others.

Also now I’m really glad I didn’t spend extra for thecore i9.

Did you even read the article?

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A few months ago Apple refused to take down the NRA’s apps when they should have. Yet they took down this app.

My point is that they claimed that they shouldn’t be moderating that sort of thing on the App Store. I think they should, but I think that they should go further and stop assisting the NRA in reaching people and having a toxic effect not just on your America but the rest of the world as well.

What exactly does this article have to do with Apple removing any app from the App Store?

Overpriced and underpowered, but good enough if all you use it for is to sit around all day in a craphouse like Starbucks pretending to be writing something worthwhile on your pathetic laptop. Apple has lost its cool.

well majority of tech reviewers are still recommending Apple laptops.

oh yeah, it's still the coolest laptop with the cleanest looking design and oh....cleanest software.

Lido Marcus better check again. It doesn’t run the smoothest software and the hardware under the hood is not better than Dell’s or Lenovo’s half the price....

You know they are extremely popular in silicon valley tech companies amongst laptops for engineers. Why consumers overpay for them I don't know, but I like mine from work.

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Steve Brown let me check... oh they're running Windows . i only use windows laptop for Army classes and to check my enterprise email. why, because army websites are outdated and it requires crappy os

also, nobody wants to edit videos on a cheap laptop with terrible color gamut.

"Over priced" more like bs excuses.

Paying double than comparable windows laptops is too much. I like apple and it's os but rather pay for the hardware on windows and have some leftover for more ram or SSD storage.

"overpriced" ha!
more get what you pay for.
I've got 2009, 2012 and 2016 macbooks (kids use the older two extensively in school/uni)....all still working great. no problems at all.

Someone didn't read the article again.

And for windows I9 laptops prices are comparable to a Dell.

Rooshi Patel, those nerds are likely doing actual work on a Linux box. I imagine they are needed because they're are programming for iOS.

Windows is just horrible. Macs last for years and don’t slow down.

Greg Hoff No, they just bloat and turn their trackpads unresponsive. Or break down and burst into flame. Or their keys become stuck. Or...

You want quality, you buy a Lenovo Thinkpad and put Linux on it.

Sincerely, someone with an actual clue. Unlike most "tech journalists".

I agree with Greg Hoff. I Currently own a MacBook Air 2016 and honestly, still runs like new. Before I had a windows laptop and after a year, slow as a turtle.

Never had any of those issues Daniel.
But as we speak I have my MacBook Air and a new Lenovo laptop in front of me. The Lenovo is nothing but problems and the two year old Apple is working swimmingly.

Not overpriced or underpowered. Even if you find a laptop with comparable specs (but probably won't) windows OEM's pale in comparison.

That will be $3500.00 with a 12GB hard drive at 3200rpm and 2 gb of ram.

Nah just 8th Gen 6 core i9 + 4tb “SSD”+ 32gb 24xxmhz RAM.

=> 2018 MacBook Pro with Core i9 reportedly gets too hot