StarCraft - Celebrate 20 Years Of StarCraft


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2/3 thirds of People here wouldn't even have played the Original STAR CRAFT . Lol people that did would be in there mid 30's . Y'all are gonna fight me on this, but: Heart of the Swarm was the best of the SC2 trilogy. I enjoyed HotS but it was by far the easiest of campaigns... I think LotV is the hardest... but WoL has a few really hard missions. 20 years old and still only 2 games in the series. Wish blizzard would get off their wow horse and make other games.

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I always used to think Zealots said “My life for hire.” And so I just assumed they were mercenaries. She said:"My husband and I got together, in part, because of our shared love of this game. Late nights watching GSL matches, watching major tournaments at local bars, playing endlessly, hosting a Starcraft tournament at our job... Thank you Blizzard. I play all of your games but HotS (sorry, League of Legends is better), right down to running a raiding guild. You have been an integral part of our lives, and without you, I never would have dated my husband. We also would never have had my absolute favorite gamecaster, Day9. Thanks for all the years of fun! "

I promise you, HOTS nowadays isn't the HOTS of 2 years ago and it absolutely craps on LoL's head.

Other then that, Blizzard games bringing people together ftw.

I say the next step would be to make it into a movie or movie serries they already a a great strory line built for it.. makeing it in a full movie it would make for a crazy good movie with the proper story line leeds and im pretty sure every one whos a starcraft ffan and others would want to see it...

I can’t believe SC2 has been out for 8 years already. Wonder if they will ever make an SC3 now that the series is technically done.

Also I never noticed the similarities to the Marine and Kerrigan looking up. Kinda cool.

Jeremy Stotlar fans man a version. I’ve seen gameplay. It’s cool but could be so much more. You must construct additional pylons.
I remember when it first came out,
asking for SC for Christmas, thinking that it was going to be a 3D first person shooter lol.

When i got it, i was initially disappointed because the game did not look at all like the box art XD but then i said “oh well” and started playing it.

I became addicted to the game after the first few missions, the original SC and brood war were so good, and so immersive.


My first introduction to Star Craft was on my fifteenth birthday in 1999. I got the Battle Chest and my and my friend started playing at 3pm Saturday and didn't get finished until 3pm Sunday. Our eyes stung for a while afterwards but man that was good times. Still play today! I thought it was gonna be like.. A new co-op commander, a new mission pack, something instead of the same kind've stuff I'd get from a digital deluxe copy of another Blizzard game? I have to ask... In the art from the load screen... Is Kerrigan Drinking NeasTea? If so what other easter eggs did I miss in this? Terrans will always and forever be my favorite race to play in the game, not to mention hold a special place in my heart.

Remembering watching my second older brother play Starcraft every time in his room when game very popular. Since that day, I still play it even today because this game have something special in my heart always.

Wow... I can't believe it's been 20 years!

I hope there's more starcraft in the future, I'd love to see the starcraft universe move into other types of game modes like RPG and FPS.

Now all Blizzard cares about is Microtransactions on OW and HOTS
Not to mention some have already came into Star Craft 2.....
It's been great Star Craft but I'm unsure what the future holds for this franchise...

I’m so disappointed with myself that I haven’t bought Legacy since it’s been out, Shame on me and I call myself a StarCraft fan.

I love that game. I only played multiplayer with a friend and we played co-op against the AI. I mostly only played the single player campaign. I couldn't believe that they wanted to charge for the remastered original however. I didn't look much better at all. There was no way I was going to spend a dime for that.