Swift Trim Keto To start with the discussion, let us attempt to define what Swift Trim Keto is. By definition, Swift Trim Keto is that the examine of creatures by which their existence has not yet substantiated. Loch Ness Monster researchers Tim Dinsdale, Fredrick William Holiday, Roy Mackal, and Peter Scott, and Cadborosaurus researcher Paul LeBlond, Chupacabra researcher Scott Corrales, Mothman researcher John Keel, Champ researcher Joseph W. Zarzynski, Jonathan Downes, founder of Centre for Fortean Zoology, and John Kirk, president of the British Columbia Scientific Swift Trim Keto Membership, among many other scientists and researchers. Understood as 'the research of hidden or unknown animals,' Swift Trim Keto explores larger organic species that have yet to be verified by science, akin to yetis (Huge Foot), lake monsters (the Loch Ness Monster) and ocean serpents.