Insta Keto chickpeas are a great source of protein this is the primary ingredient in hummus which we already talked about earlier but the chickpeas just by themselves are very nice I've got those in lemon and then what I'm going to add to this now again this is where you get to kind of make your own snack right you don't have to do my exact recipe but I think it's nice to add a little bit of flavor a little bit of color so what I have here on my plate I already chopped these up is some carrots some celery which we had in our first take and some olives now these olives again you can see that I got the organic ones now you're not usually going to have a real long ingredient list on olives but I will recommend that you go ahead and look at the ingredient list anyways and this one for instance green olives water red peppers sea salt vinegar and citric acid all of these are foods a good way to good kind of rule of thumb is to think okay well if I put this word into Google Images would it come up with a picture so red peppers right is going to come up with a picture as opposed to tertiary butyl aided hydroxy queen own or TBHQ is going to come up not with a picture of a food or with an image but with a chemical name right it's not going to have an image associated