How To Take Care Of Curly Human Hair

Curly hairstyles are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear because it can give us a super gorgeous look and add more beauty to the look, especially for black women. But we absolutely need to take care of our Human Hair Wigs to keep it longer.No matter what kind of wavy, curly weave or other texture you use, there are some vital tricks you should know when caring for your Lace Front Wigs . Today, let's talk about ways to care for curly hairstyles.

What type of hair is best?
The Brazilian hair tress is the highest quality in Curly Human Hair . It is completely natural and has not been chemically processed. It is widely used in today's hair market and is soft, thick and long-lasting.

Virgin hair in Malaysia is heavier, thicker, and softer and silkier than Indian hair. Hair has an extremely luxurious feel and a natural sheen.

Peruvian hair is very durable and versatile, so you can style and frizz repeatedly and it works well. This makes Peruvian hair a great all-rounder because you can constantly change the look and style without causing much damage to your hair.

Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely used hair types on the market, and hair is the best choice for long, natural long hair.

How to wash the curly hair?
Shampoos are great for keeping your hair clean, but many of them contain irritating sulfate chemicals that remove the healthy, shiny, natural oils needed for hair. That's why I choose a sulfate-free shampoo. Wet your hair and then wash your hair. Repeat once to help increase the softness of the hair and comb it.

How to care for curly hair weave?
Keep your curls hydrate
Although shampoo can help clean hair, it also removes the oils that need to stay healthy in the hair. Too much shampoo can make your hair look dull, dry and soft, which will make your frizzy hair drier. So we recommend washing wigs in moderation.

Some questions about curly human hair
1. Untangling regularly can help your curl weave last longer.
2. Always wear a latex swimming cap during swimming. Wash your hair immediately after swimming! When dust and sweat accumulate, hair becomes dull, tangled, and difficult to handle.
3. Don't bleach, dye, perm or heat your hair, it will make your hair drier and cause it to fall out and tangle.
4. Don’t cut the wefts or tracks of your virgin hair. This will cause shedding.
5. Gently comb or comb your hair from bottom to top. Careful brushing or combing will help avoid tangles.