Get funky and stay fly with the Fortnite Fever Gear and Flytrap Outfit.

Can somebody give me v-bucks to bring the flytrap plz I will give you two emotes when the gifts come but nobody is good here
😭 I know you ain’t gonna read this but....bring back friendly fire so I can beat that no skin for swiping my golden scar. When does the fortnight sale end? I’m looking to buy the limited upgrade for save the world, but i get paid fortnightly? Save The World is half price now,only bought it a month ago too. Get it cheap while you can and get earning those V-Bucks.
Get funky and stay fly with the Fortnite Fever Gear and Flytrap Outfit..JPG
I need to find out the solution to this problem as the computer restarts the computer when I first started fortnite. I got 2000 VBucks that says you won’t put that shark fella I’ve been seeing on the internet in the shop tomorrow. Lmaoo Fortnite Servers are trash Lag everyfucking time but yet I been playing other games like GTA it doesn't lag so is not the internet is fortnite servers that trash like everytime is a Update but they don't fix their servers like come on people buy V Bucks but yall don't fix nothing. Fortnite you brought back battle hound and red knight please bring back power chord it’s the only skin I’m willing to buy!!!

Skin idea!!! The male skin is super cool so I did a super quick sketch on a skin idea for season 5? I think this would be a super cool skin to play with. Something along the lines of this would be nice for a female character. I have talked to others about this and they think that the skin would look cool in the game and probably one of the best female skin ideas.

I loaded v-buck $ 9.99 it was minus the money in my card that star it not into the game?
Stop with the updates on PvP what about STW do we ever get new content like you put into pleasing the BR kiddies.
Free game and constant updates.
STW get lag server crashes and stalling and rehashing old missions.
Love how they come back 65 times each!Doing a great job of destroying the game epic keep it up!

I think it's been way too long since High Explosives mode was on, I'd love that back or another LTM,Sniper Shootout or Solid Gold, even a common guns only would be a nice change. What's up with Power Chord and Rockin out? You haven't re-released these like you do with other past skins/emotes.

I love coming on here and reading all the whiny comments, bring this back, do this, do that.
Epic is making millions daily, they could literally put a plain skin with a guy with his thumb up his ass and we would all lap it up.
They could nerf every gun so that your axe is the strongest weapon and we would still play it every day.

Epic has us all by the balls and we love it.

Anyone else recently started experiencing a problem with not hearing enemies building up to you or running up behind you?

I don't know why, but since the start of this season I've died a fucktonne from simply not hearing people come up behind me or build up to me. By the time I turn around or build a wall it's too late.

I mean it could just be me having a brain lapse but I don't know, figured I'd ask since it's become a real common thing in my games lately.