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Seedling transplanter锛?3*11.5cm
Packing锛歅lastic bag + elevator
Package dimensions锛?5*25*45cm
Plastic handle, color can be customized, iron parts can be electroplated or sprayed, spray color can be customized
Seedling transplants are quite different from other types of seedling trays. They are designed to support roots from about a foot into the soil. Seedling transplants can be seen on garden centers, landscape studios, and nurseries. The first thing that most people see when they go to these types of places is the seedling trays and planters.
There are some basic things that you should look for when buying a planter or tray; they should be high quality, with plenty of shelves and drawers for keeping plant trimmings, and clean areas for watering and planting. The planter should be able to handle large trees without falling over, and the trays should be very easy to fill. It should also be able to take care of the amount of water that you plan to use. Many plansters are sold in small sizes but should have larger sizes available if needed. They should also be made from lightweight materials such as plastic, wood, or metal. They should be easily moveable so that you can change your position easily if you do not like where you are planting your tree. A good size will allow you to plant up to 4 feet high.
You can find tree planters in different sizes and styles. You can choose between planters that are meant to sit over the trunk, and ones that are meant to sit directly on the soil. Planting in a strategic area with one planter can allow you to cut down on the cost of maintenance. You should also look for safety features that will allow you to work with the planter without getting hurt yourself. If you need to move the planter, make sure that it is sturdy enough to do so, and has enough ventilation so that your roots do not get warm. Once you find the right planter, you will be able to grow your tree well, and keep it healthy.Garden Tools