Few Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients

Did you know that ...
... Personal lifestyle and environmental factors affect cancer development far more inherently. In particular, it means that there may be cancer, but fate is not necessary. ... about half of cancers can be effectively prevented? The recipe is very simple: do not smoke, eat a healthy diet. ... not just a balanced, primarily vegetarian diet protects against stomach and colon cancer? It also has the effect of preventing other types of cancer such as breast, lungs, prostate and uterine cancer. Eating healthy foods is a valuable contribution to cancer prevention and can last a long life.

Tip 1: Eat well.
One of the key to health is a balanced, primarily vegetarian diet. The deciding factor is the right combination. That means less fat - and more variety of vegetables and fruits, meat and animal fat. Not only the variety makes the food more exciting. It's also a good guarantee that you get plenty of all the protective substances in different foods theblogpoint.com/flat-belly-fix-review/.

Tip 2: Lose weight.
Obese people are twice as heavy. Because with the extra pounds, the risk of getting cancer increases. However, you should refrain from high-power fast-food diets. Often they fail. Although declining rapidly, but more on that later. Unfortunately, there is no cure for overweight. It is best to give up bad eating habits and then gradually but permanently decline until you lose weight.

Tip 3: More fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables form the basis of a healthy diet. They support digestion and contain many substances that protect against cancer. Ideal for 400 to 800 grams per day. This is equivalent to five servings. The protective effect of vegetables and fruits is based on various ingredients: vitamins, minerals, so-called phytochemicals and dietary fiber. But not just individual ingredients, but only the complex interactions of substances, as they are found in nature, are permanently aided in good health.