Dota 2 - The International Compendium Update


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Mandatory comment about why I don't get any rares despite spending thousands of dollars on compendium levels. Can you please enable Fantasy Draft and Trading Card usage through online client instead of in game? How are we supposed to update our drafts if we are attending TI? Please 7.19 Leshrac (Split Earth now cast are melee) Light Storm now can use if u buy aether lents . Please create a server for Spanish and another for Portuguese in South America, Peruvians do not like Brazilians, Brazilians do not like Peruvians. We do not understand anything of what they say, and they do not understand what we say.
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No one in Brazil speaks Spanish, nobody in Peru speaks Portuguese. 40% of Brazilian players stopped playing because of this. Region lock please. Tired of getting matched with pakis, iranians, syrians and indians in NA and EU servers with 400 ping ruining every single game. Game is fine and good but community is toxic my last game was with 3 russians who fights in chat and stay afk for 20 min till we lose btw fix ranked system i was 2k and now I'm like 200-300 maybe it's because of my team but anyways give mmr system back.