Bono 'visibly distressed' after losing voice at U2 concert in Berlin


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And all the wanna be comedians rise up in front of their screens and post their stock standard, negative comments....yawn! '

*Shrugs* They'll keep being posted, with or without you.

Steven Miller wow, did you come up with that all on your own?

Yup and apparently, people with a grain of joy in them liked it.

Georgia are you going to respond to every comment? Do you not have any Pride (In the name of love)?....

Even Bono would suggest that you lighten up a bit.

And a spelling/grammar fascist as well! Bore off love, bad day?

Got a couple of U2 album Georgia, hopefully entitles me to call you a pretty nasty troll. You certainly come across as unpleasant.

Dont need to be a comedian, some things are funny, for example the double standards of doing a lot at work for charity whilst at the same time evading taxation which often directly affects those in need of charity.

Losing his voice is the best career move he’s ever made......

There`s something wrong with me i don`t like Bono at all .

That's normal lol. He's a nobber.

Me neither..You're not

Get well soon Bono. X
Don't understand why people are writing such cruel comments.

Bono means beautiful.., wait a tick... of course everyone is jumping on this! Would you like a soccer player named fantastic striker? GOOD JOB NUMBER 2! Gimme a break!
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What? Bono looses his he can’t even lip sink
😉 to his songs like everyone else does...this is indeed apocalyptic news..

If anyone knows where he mislaid it, please don't tell him where it is.

To much shouting against brexit lol.

Lynn, are those your mothers cataracts glasses?

What's really funny people.?
Get well soon bono.

Oh did he actually have one . Did their ears a favour .

Would never have happened with Milli Vanilli.

Tonight thank God it’s him instead of me.

Thats the best news ive heard all week...

Thought his voice had been lost a long time ago. Old news.

Hate cancellations? Try being a Morrissey fan!

Is it getting better or does it feel the same?

If we can make that voice loss permanent, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

U2 tour on hold, as auditoriums all round Europe install smoke machines.

Good he would probably of started preaching some hypocritical nonsense anyway.

Embarrassing to see what the human race has developed into. Why waste your time on being negative about someone you obviously don’t care about when you could spend that time on something you actually care about?

Maybe there is a god after all.

Is this not old news, thought he lost it years ago.

You say it best when you say nothing at all Bono.

Hope he doesn't find what he is looking for.

That will stop him begging for .money .

The megalomaniac finally cant speak!! Best day ever! Stfu Bono!

Shame that didn’t happen 30 years ago.

Get well soon, Bono !!

Will it stop him talking pish?

There is a god.

In Bono’s case it’s usually plenty of prattle but thankfully the flow has been cut short, hopefully permanently.

Surely this is a good thing.

Thank god it’s finally happened.