US and Canada reach new trade deal to replace Nafta


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President Trump is moving towards his promises made during elections. Whether you like it or not he is bringing so many changes in favor of American people. So may be true with Canada and Mexico.

oh, look his favorite game; change the name and pretend he did something.

If the US didn't have to be listed first, it could be a pronounceable acronym - CAMUS. It would also be cooler, since Camus was a philosopher focused on freedom.

So funny, I was literally reading about Albert Camus about 15 mins. ago! Smart guy, it would’ve been kinda cool to name the new agreement CAMUS!

I have never purchased American dairy products and never will. I don't like their milk and their cheese is too "milky". 100% support our Canadian dairy farmers.

So it just needed a new name, something not founded by Democrats? How petty.

Don’t worry, we won’t buy any American dairy products and will keep supporting our own industry.

"Taking care of our own" hahaha as a fellow American, thats got to be the funniest thing I've read all morning.

Pretty much the same deal we've always had with a maybe a few alterations beneficial to both sides...ahem.

he has to pee on every thing. I have a puppy like that but he just needs training.

A tweak here. A tweak there. A name change. The name change is the most interesting part of it. Does it mean a repudiation by the United States of the doctrine of free trade? If so, does the rest of the Republican Party know about that, it being the more free trade party? Just seems to be a rebranding when it comes down to it to shout out to the morons who go to Trump rallies.

Sure we have a deal. But instead of coming to Canada as a friend and asking to renegotiate NAFTA. America chose to spend 2 yrs waging a economic and propaganda war against. Trump chose to raise the rhetoric against Canada to the point a TRUMP SUPPORTER SHOT AND KILLED 9 CANADIANS HERE. BUT THE DEAL IS DONE. SO DO CANADA A FAVOR AND SCREW OFF AND LEAVE US ALONE.

Did they call it that so that Trump could spell it?

Maybe the Village People will come up w/a new song! US M C A!

heres a little story I gots to tell about 3 great countries that trade so well, at first they didnt want to get together to play but then they came up with the US-MCA.

The only reason I would trust it is Trudeau is involved.

So canada slightly opened our dairy market but got to keep the dispute mechanism and got increased auto access..,.sweet.

MAGA. Say what you like Trump is getting stuff done. Britain could learn from this.

...and the Cdn $ took a significant hike today based on the news....the "winning" never ends.

America First must mean America's name comes first in any treaty. What a dumb name. Imagine a twenty country treaty. What a mouthful it'll be. Betcha the linguistically crippled Trump came up with it.

Abolishing old deals and replacing them with new ones is not an accomplishment unless it’s better for the USA in the mid to long term. It would be nice to have a table (bullet point) comparison of the pros & cons of the old vs new deal.

All this bad blood trump caused for near zero return! He is a peacock, without real ability to be our leader.

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Ok - I'm going to be honest here; I don't know anything about trade agreements. But I cannot believe that HOME FIRES was cancelled!! What is wrong with you people???

I am sure...Canada has more to lose on a no deal given the size of their market as compared to the US...almost no choice but to give in on the Canadian dairy market...

Satisfied neighbours. I'm confident BREXIT will achieve similar friendly success.

It's so funny how on an international site, everyone bashes and hates Trump; meanwhile in Canada, everyone hates Trudeau.

Well its not like we Canadians are going to buy their milk anyways!

Cracking deal trump you smash may here all over place and are proud of your country unlike all pm who crap.