Tofu from hell, the cruel and dishonest dish in Japanese cuisine


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Also by the processing as well as raw materials selected, the junk of the hell of Japan has been criticized by many people.
Dojo Tofu, a frighteningly dishonest food name, also contains ruthless stories behind it that perhaps when finished, you may hesitate to try this dish.

Dish of hell.

The main ingredient for this dish is a tofu and freshly made live fish (Dofo). Tofu is quite simple: Firstly, the cook will put cold water in a pot and release small chunks to let it float in cool water. Then light up, when the water began to warm up, put a piece of fresh tofu in the middle of the pot. Immediately, the scourers to avoid being boiled will frenzied madly into hiding in the bean without knowing that it was just a trap. The water in the pot is hotter than ever, and the fresh tofu is no longer a safe haven. They just fall apart in despair and then die in an instant.

Ingredients are raw fish.

Tofu from hell, the cruel and dishonest dish in Japanese cuisine.JPG

The fish was still swimming without knowing the trap had been set.

Until death in the news..JPG

Until death in the news.

Enjoying this dish when the other fish are dead or dead is up to the customer. There are many people who do not even wait for the deaths to die but eat slowly when they are thirsty.

Eating this dish when the fish is still alive or dead is the choice of customers.

With this ruthless recipe, the eels had to undergo three "tribulations": being heated in hot water, locked in tofu and eaten while still limp. That's why the name "hell's ship" came into being.

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Regardless of the unique and strange recipes, hell-boats are considered ruthless and infamous dishes in Japan. A diner after observing the process rejected the dish and said, "The cruelty lies in the fact that, at the moment of the death of the scepter, they turn out to be a place. more scary. "

The fish escape the idea of death but must go to hell more scary.

Even a few years ago, a TV show in Japan caught on with the harsh criticism of trying to get back to doing this Dojo Tofu at a restaurant called Konsori. The sight of the little sticks constantly being boiled caused the viewer to resent, forcing the show to stop after a short broadcast.

Tofu, the cruel and dishonest dish in Japanese cuisine

Photos illustrating how to cook food.

Due to the fierce opposition, today's Dojo Tofu is hardly seen in restaurants or Japanese restaurants anymore. Only those who find interesting or curious about this strange way to do it yourself at home.