This gender reveal party sparked a massive 47,000 acre wildfire


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They go wrong the moment somebody says, 'Let's have a gender reveal party.'

Dumb fad. I went old school when it came to my son's gender "reveal" - I waited until he was born. It was hilarious whenever people asked "what are you having?" and I simply answered "a baby".

Does anyone else think making a big production out of the gender reveal is a bit stupid even without the involvement of semi-automatic weapons, pyrotechnics or property damage?

I am getting old. Sadly I remember waiting until my child was born to find out what sex she was. Had to keep reminding radiographers not to tell me.

A story to tell them when they are older. In line with the "day you were born story." The day we had your gender reveal party we were so excited we started a forest fire! Lol!

Currently pregnant and we aren't finding out but even if we were there wouldn't be any gender reveal. Not our thing at all.

First of all, not surprised it happened in the US. Secondly most of us US citizens don’t have $100,000 dollars lying around to pay for anything.

What makes people expecting a child think everybody is waiting around holding their breath to find out what the sex of the child is going to be? It's going to be one or the other. Why spend a lot of money and make such a big deal over what's been going on for thousands of years?

Don't like these faddy things, what's wrong with waiting until the baby is born? We waited, and it was wonderful to be told 'it's a girl'..... twice.

What happened to just calling family and friends to let them know? That seems so much easier.

A lot of these are overdone, but there's nothing wrong with family and friends finding an excuse to eat cake and have fun. Why get upset at how others choose to spend their weekend?

I am so tired of overdone celebrations.

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50 years ago the gender reveal was called birth.

Gender-reveal parties; for those who think their kids won't have enough birthdays they can blow money on...

how can you tell what gender a baby is just by looking at it.

Technically a gun started that fire...

Correction: “Genital” parties. Gender is a social construct.

Sure hope they were fined 8 million.

“Instead of using an Instagram-friendly pinata cake or balloon, he planned to fire a gun at a target which would explode with either pink or blue powder during a party at his home.”



Rich coutries problems.