The woman who accidentally ticked: 'I am a terrorist'


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Has any actual terrorist been caught because they ticked it?

Terrorist: Muahahaha, I am finally going to enter ze US to commit my terrorism!
Visa application: Are you a terrorist?
Terrorist: Arrrghhhh foiled again!

Why is there an option for that?

This is actually an option? So if I’m a terrorist, my government thinks I would voluntarily...tell them that?

America is a terrorist state that arms ISIS and Al-Qaeda via arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel... I would have thought they'd be delighted to welcome one of their own?

“Accidentally”. More like she was on her bucket list trip and wanted to find out what would happen.

Lol, what a ridiculous option.

Yeah, why is that even a question, and apart from this woman, who the hell is even going to tick yes??!! Very strange.

bureaucracts placing that option on paper should produce a doctor's certificate on mental stability, before reporting back to work tomorrow.

I’m sorry, why is this even an option no terrorist will actually tick this lol.

To all asking, why is the question there, it's because if you don't click it, get the visa and then get caught in the usa before an attack/after doing one, they can charge you with "lying" to a federal agency as well.

Check and recheck. She won’t make that mistake again. Don’t blame the USA blame those who would kill us.

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Fair enough, it was her error. But they could have been a bit more sympathetic under the circumstances. Instead of making her jump through hoops. Good luck to her and I hope she manages everything on her bucket list xx.

Why are we all assuming she hasn't been involved in acts of genocide? That cute smile isn't fooling me.

Lol look at the money they charged her for fixing it. Apparently it's not a useless option as we thought.

Same questions on UK high level security clearance forms...the temptation to tick, yes, I am a spy (but not a very good one, obviously) was almost overwhelming but I decided not to as I'm rather fond of my job!

This is our sly test for entering the country:
Man with pointy hat and long beard asks,
What, is your name?
What, is your quest?
What, is your favorite color?
And then real quick -AREYOUATERRORIST?
...and then they just weed themselves out. Flawless.

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Please! Tell me they didn’t actually put a box on saying, “I am a terrorist “?!
🤦🏻‍♀️ really?? As if any real terrorist would actually go out of their way to tick that box!!

Only in America would they have that option on the form. My advice to her is save your money, go to Sicily instead ! You will enjoy it more than rubbing shoulders with all those over weight, foul mouthed Americans !

That's an option?

I can't believe that box exists! What kind of backward, in-bred, idiotic "terrorist" would actually answer, "why yes, I am. Thank you for asking"?!?! @@

They have a card which you have to fill in on the plane before landing, which you hand into of the questions asks if you were ever involved with Nazi Germany!!

Those questions on the esta application form are ridiculous. The top one in that particular section asks “are you mentally or physically disabled or do you have ... (list of highly contagious diseases including the plague...)... all as one question. Iwas helping my father in law fill in his application- he has Parkinson’s so ticked yes to that in order to be truthful and he had his visa declined. Had to contact them to get it voided and start again to tick the “no” box. Technically incorrect but no other way around it.

Hilarious that that’s even an option would anyone with ill intent really declare it on a form to gain access to the country ...seems counter productive ...

Let this poor woman have her trip.

This is the sort of thing I would do... in fact did... I ticked on my driving licence dorm that I wasn't fit to drive lol xx.