Swedish outcry as pregnant woman dragged off train


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SHE HAD A TiCKET (monthly card), just couldn't find at that exact time. She showed it later on the news. Cost like 4 dollars (one hour) for a ticket here in Sweden, she was on the way to the hospital, 8 months pregnant, so it's okey to treat a pregnant women like this for 4 dollars please stooop...

Something is seriously wrong with you people. Defending violence against a woman, a pregnant woman in the presence of her child! Take a class of ethics!

She had a ticket. Look for information and learn more. Educate yourself instead of writing “she deserved it”. Would you say the same if it was you or your family member? Especially one who has already lost a child just 8 months prior? Just the thought of it would have made me panic. She is actually calm.

Don’t resist authority.

Men in uniforms are becoming power drunk.

Way over the top ,blimey it's a train ticket for crying out loud ,take her name and address and send her the bill.

Why not pay???

Just buy a ticket not rocket science.

Must've been an entitled foreigner.

Old news! Not the first time somebody has been caught cheating the system, not the first time somebody has been removed for cheating the system, and not the first time somebody has used the race card, or as known on the streets as the, "get out of jail free card.".

What's pregnancy gotta do with being a fare dodger🤔, shouldn't lose there job.

First glance at headline...
Was it a woman of color? 🤔
Then read the article...

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Only in USA——oh wait...

I'm not justifying the actions of the security guards, however, all could've been avoided if she were not trying to cheat the train station. Just pay your fare like your supposed or leave when asked to. Plain and simple!

Sick of political correctness... And passive Sexismus.

OMG. Did it cause a major evacuation of the city? Did anyone die? Has the UN been notified?
Why on earth is this major news on the BBC?

A ticket for goodness sake. Escorted off for that. Extreme action unwarranted whether female male pregnant or not.

Let's not judge this on a couple of short clips.

Why didn’t a bystander pay it forward and give $ for the ticket before it got to this?

Woman being manhandled. Smdh.

So what happened next..she's now in jail right?