Palm oil: A new threat to Africa's monkeys and apes?


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Check labels for palm oil!! Then buy something else!!

Below are 10 things that contain palm oil that most of us probably buy without realising:

Most loaves of bread you buy at the supermarket will contain palm oil (or one of the many other names palm oil is referred to as – see the link at the bottom of this post!). Next time you go for your weekly shop, check the ingredients carefully, or even better – buy bread from the counter or a local baker and check what ingredients they use!

It makes sense that making crisps requires some kind of oil, but sadly most of them use palm oil. The packet will likely say ‘vegetable oil’ though, so be aware (this is another commonly used name for Palm Oil). The best thing is to look for crisps that expressly use an oil like olive, sunflower or coconut, or find savoury crunchy snacks that don’t contain any oil at all!

Margarine is a commonly used substitute for butter and dairy spreads, but even though you’re doing a good thing by avoiding the dairy industry, most of these products contain palm/vegetable oil. Try substituting margarine in recipes with coconut oil, olive oil, or even apple sauce for baking. (And if anyone ever finds a margarine that doesn’t contain palm oil, please let me know – because I can’t find one!)

Same as above, many of the dairy substitutes sadly seem to contain palm oil in some form. Keep an eye out on the ingredients and shop sustainably; many vegan cheeses come in plastic packaging and contain loads of random additives anyway, so maybe try making your own vegan cheese sauces and trying out recipes!

Random isn’t it? Many supermarket soaps seem to contain palm oil for some reason, but good to buy from local artisans, or brands that use only natural ingredients who don’t test on animals, anyway.

I have no idea why there needs to be palm oil in ice cream… weird! Not all brands do, so always check the label. I would say try making your own (vegan or not ), and props if you have time for this, but to me it seems like too much effort (but hey, I’m not a huge ice cream fan anyway!).

Many supermarket oven pizzas or readymade pizza bases contain palm/vegetable oil in the base. I know, it made me sad too. But again, check the label because not all will – just something to be aware of!

Noooo! A staple for all budgeters and quick-lunch-addicts alike, vegan or otherwise
:( We all know they’re probably not great for our health anyway, but it is disappointing. And yes, this includes Supernoodles, Pot Noodles and Tesco Instant.

As with the soap mentioned above, it’s a great idea to try and support ethical/environmental brands when buying personal care/beauty products anyway. Places like Lush and the Body Shop are good places to start.

Palm oil in chocolate is a more rare occurrence, but still something to check on the ingredients labels. It can be easy to avoid, so why buy it by accident right?

Endangered monkeys and apes could face new risks if Africa becomes a big player in the palm oil industry, a study suggests.

I quit buying anything with palm oil.

I am trying but it is in more and more products these days, so frustrating!

Also it gives everything a disgusting greasy texture, I don’t know where the “demand” is coming must be companies looking to cut costs, it is certainly not for taste.

If there are enough people who boycott companies that use Palm Oil in their products. This could change. But I’m surprised that over the past few years with so many conservationists trying to stop the destruction of the Rain Forests and the slaughter of endangered species, how palm oil keeps getting bigger and bigger. Must we destroy everything.

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just because you're a "good business man" doesn't mean they should be doing business in anything to do with agriculture or anything involved with animals and nature. THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING right when it comes to environmentaly friendly businesses. except how to do business by destroying everything in their way.

Look at that photo. How can we not value these incredible creatures?

Is grapeseed oil ok? Id really like to find a cooking oil that doesnt kill everything in order to produce it...

No room on the planet for anything but us.

Good reason to boycott all spreads eg Nutella.

Will humans ever learn.