'No, there won't be a female Bond' - James Bond


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Not EVERYTHING has to be easily changed to suit a woman. My god, this is just mad! It's called James Bond! It's like trying to get a male lead to play wonder woman! It's a female role! Don't like it? Don't watch it. Simple.

Can we get a male Lara Croft? Maybe Larry Croft?

Should bloody well think not. Ian Fleming would be spinning in his grave!

but why should there be? James Bond was conceived by Flemming as a specific male character with very specific traits. He's not some body-hopping Doctor Who. If some feel so deprived, just create an entirely new, female, character. For example, Eve Pollastri in "Killing Eve". There are many more.

Why can't just Bond have a sex change, come back, start a lesbian relationship with Ms Moneypenny and fight against Dr. Evilcommonsense?

what about female harry poter? female peter pan? female blah blah.... Too much PC is considered harmful. Feminist should focus real injustice, not imaginary plot.

What would be good is a spin off for Money Penny! Seen as though she use to be a field agent. Have a prequel kinda thing for her? © (just in case).

That would be Jane bond.

I'm sorry but no!! James bond is James bond, you can't go changing him to female!! Thank God they have common sense and have said no.

Thank You!!!!!!! I prefer a male Bond.

Gender makes no difference in Dr Who, but for Bond his strengths as well as his very pronounced weaknesses relate to masculinity. Indeed, some of his weaknesses are also connected to him being outdated in his world views.
It’d be far better to develop a new series of films with a strong woman at the centre.

They'd have needed a pretty kickass female character to play her if they had and my only recommendation for that would have been Sigourney Weaver. Saying that, I'm glad they aren't disrespecting Ian Fleming by changing Bond. Definitely think a Ms Money Penny spin off would be a good way to go though.

'No, there won't be a female Bond' - James Bond.JPG

It would be easy to pull off, and could even be done within the same fictional universe as the current 007. We already have a precedent of how it could be done from Skyfall, with M. Sure, she might want to go by "Jane" instead of "James", but other than that, why the hell not? What's the point of fiction if you don't mess around with it a bit?

Of course there can’t - let us have some common sense! James Bond is a male character in a series of novels. We can equally enjoy a great female spy lead to start another spy series of films to equal, if not surpass the inimitable Mr Bond. Idea - perhaps Miss Moneypenny could have been secretly undercover all these years.

As long as we get lots of hot ladies in the movies then I'm happy..

Male or female nobody will ever be as good as Daniel Craig as Bond, be so happy if he did a few more.