Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke to become Ollie Locke-Locke


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Locke Locke ! ... Who's there ?

I wonder how many people saying "this is news???" had their wedding announced in the local paper...

No morals sick people.

But honor killings, child marriages, and forced marriages are perfectly fine in your moral lax country!


I don't even know who they are.

This is news?

Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke to become Ollie Locke-Locke.JPG

What are the chances of finding love with someone the same surname as you? Lol.

" Always Locke Locke on the bright side of life!

Why do people feel the need to write mean comments... ok, this might not be 'your thing' or you might not agree with it but keep it to yourself. If 2 people are happy and arent hurting anyone then we should be happy!
Granted, I'm not sure this really qualifies as News though!

It great there getting married but this is not news BBC.

Dear person reading this,I don't care who you are but I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.

BBC can Locke off with news like this!

Oh I never knew that had gay lads in Made in Chelsea, how lovely, but still won’t be watching.

That’s literally made my day bearable now, knowing this. Thank you BBC.

Tsunami in Indonesia and the BBC chose this as an internet story? Loads of people get married and have the same surname so report on them as well.

Double barrelling it still doesn’t help us know who they are!

And in other news I will have marmite on toast for breakfast. Who cares.

Okay that's good but seriously who are these people.

Who? Must be some very very minor so called celebraties looking for publicity more important issues BBC.

Reporting on a Nobody, Must be a Slow News day,

Cant believe the BBC brings us crap news like this.

This is showing that they are against Torah of pathetic are you ppo?

Lock n lock make Tupperware.

Slow news bbc.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

I had to check twice it was BBC news reporting this.