Led Zeppelin to face new Stairway to Heaven trial


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They'll still be challenging this in court well after all the remaining members will have climbed the real stairway to heaven.

There’s always a song somewhere that sounds like someone else’s.
Sure, a few beginning notes sound the same, then both bands continue on in a totally different direction.
Give it a rest.

The band Spirit never owned the the rights to the music. They borrowed $40,000 from me to start their band. I owned the music until they payed the loan off. They refused to pay me the money they borrowed. I keep the rights to the music and sold it to a holding company. They never owned the music anyway! I did.

It's always americans, isn't it?

So much crap. I had the first Spirit album and noticed any plagarism in Stairway. You can't copyright a chord progression,

My goodness. The opening is similar but not the same. Therefore it is not plagiarism. This just looks like a gravy train for venal lawyers.

Typical yanks trying to take credit for everything...

It would be interesting, if they haven't done it already, if they (Led Zeppelin) played the original cassette of them forming the song in Wales, because such a cassette indeed exists and has been on bootleg for years. The Wales recording has a lot of other interesting stuff as well, especially Page improvising on acoustic guitar.

In an age when entire riffs are sampled does it really matter that some artists “borrow” decent chord sequences?

Who cares, its their crappiest song anyway.

Maybe they, in turn, should sue Eric Clapton for " Let it grow". Even he admits a similar chord progression.

The only person qualified to sue for this died at least 700 years ago.

All in all, Stairway to Heaven is much better...

Pure horseshit. Lawyers trying to make money and fame for themselves. Happens all the time.

Hopefully this will start up a tour ..starting at bethel woods to the 50 th anniversary of Woodstock! Becuase the show must go on...! Even if the song remains the same!!!

Their argument is trash. I’m comparing right now.

'cause, y'know, sometimes words have two meanings.

Anyone who thinks this case should go ahead should find: Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song.

Randy California died 20 years ago ffs.

This crap will keep going on especially after the surviving members of Zep pass (God Forbid!!), trying to scratch away away at Led Zep Legendary Music!! So ANNOYING!

Good. If you haven't heard, "Taurus", you should before forming an opinion.

It was an old Medieval tune. Surely no one owned that in the 60s.

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They have much better songs.

I would post a blueberry muffin recipe but i dont have it handy.

It makes me wonder

Your stairway lies on the whispering wind.