India postman sacked for dumping 6000 letters over a decade


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BBC couldn’t find anything better to write about India today as today is the Independence Day of India. And why shouldn’t they! On this very day the Brit colonial monsters were kicked out of India and the whole world witnessed the greatness of the Indian freedom movement. Jai Hind!

I'm sure the BBC will say something good about India when they're actually is something good to say. Happy independence day.

Well your reply depicts that you are still living inside the colonial bubble.. no wonder you people haven’t won the cricket World Cup yet with this kinda mindset.

I admit bro there are lot of serious problems to address.. but tell me when will you win the Cricket World Cup..

I'll happily say this:

1) sorry for the bad things my ancestors did - I hope you realise all our ancestors did bad things

2) Thank you for everything India added to our culture, I'm sure you'll say thank you for no longer being under the previous rulers

3) thank you for being better at cricket so noone will want to watch it.

I agree. Typical BBC denigration of its former colonies. Very rarely will you see stories of inspiration, hope and the greatness of this country. It’s music, art, literature, astounding culture, history and spiritual tradition. How about a piece on the depredation of former colonies by colonial powers and the contribution to so many of the problems still experienced today. Happy Independence Day!

You had one job.

the BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation not the Indian broadcasting corporation.

Additionally they will more than likely have an article about independence day as they do every year.

August 15 was the date the UK Parliament signed into law the Indian independence act, transferring sovereignty to India. Don't think anyone was kicked out of anywhere.

Oh shut up you child, get over it. It's ridiculously sad to see one of you always whine about pre independence colonialism. Get over this colonial hangover for gods sake. India wasn't the only country to be colonised, yet you still cling on to it. Is there no wanting to get past this? Our government right now is not doing any better, the sectism is appalling, and the people who leave it be are worse. Fix things at home instead of complaining about an international newspaper.

As everything about Britain is criticized, why are these posts written in English ? The haters shouldn't use this beautiful language. It's part of former colonialism, I'm afraid. In addition, 15th August is a special day for catholics (it's a bank holiday here in France). So 15 August has different meanings for people all over the world. So stop focusing on you, you and you (sorry for my English).

Chrisandjohn Guy we send aid for trade deals, improve people in poverty and various other projects. Also out if guilt. We do it with many in the commonwealth.

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Maybe he was filtering the Spam mails.

Looking for the cheque the Nigerian prince promised him.

Even people without bank account using free Wi-Fi and who sleeps in the street of London will also type a "Nigerian sent a mail to me " , what will they scam from you? The only property you have? ( mat).

Okechukwu Chiemelie Victor I wish you make sense.. on second thought it may not be a good idea.

Send him or her to ministry of foreign affairs of Finland. New openings in secretary positions. Staff is sent to other parts of the world to wonder 'why doing such an easy job'. While filing mail to big dirt bags. Can't beat the human nature, or want either.

It's not so different in UK. Letters are delivered to wrong addresses (no difference between house number 6 and 16 or Long Road and LongDrive, etc). Sometimes package sent to Australia is returned from ... AUSTRIA. You can also receive a return with note unknown (or incomplete) address when details are absolutely fine. Sorry to say but quality of Royal Mail service is close to rubbish.

That's dedication. Taking your work home with you.