Foods for Helping to Achieve a Lower Cholesterol Level

The most common symptoms that may prompt the Cardio Clear 7 Review family doctor to recommend a consultation with a cardiologist are chest pain, difficulty breathing and the results of screenings and tests. Patients are lucky to suffer from symptoms because some of the diseases associated with heart disease do not usually have striking symptoms. Some patients may find out too late that they are suffering from heart disease or any other problems with the cardiac system and will need maintenance medication to alleviate their situation.

Some individuals actually have regular annual check ups to monitor their health. This may be prompted by family history or just the idea of being aware of one's health and safety. This practice can actually help to reduce the risk of diseases and ailments because the individual is regularly aware of the goings on of his or her system. The result of annual tests and screenings can help the cardiologist evaluate the person's overall health and may recommend how to prevent diseases or to manage them.

Having high cholesterol is one of the leading causes for heart disease, strokes and/or heart attacks. There are two different types of cholesterol, HDL which is the good cholesterol and LDL which is the bad. The total healthy numbers for cholesterol levels should be less than 200mg per dl. When the combined levels reach 240mg per dl and higher, there is a greater risk of having a heart attack.