ChoiceTeesUSA Trending tees ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Breaks the Internet: Who Is She and What Does the Viral Term Mean?


‘Hawk Tuah’: Who Is She and What Does the Viral Term Mean ? And ChoiceTeesUSA explain for you.
A woman outside a bar in Nashville, Tennessee, has skyrocketed to internet fame after giving a candid response about her intimate preferences during an interview with YouTubers.

Though her identity has yet to be confirmed, she has been dubbed the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, and her comments about what makes her partner “go crazy in bed” have sparked a viral sensation online.

The term ‘Hawk Tuah’ has since taken social media by storm, prompting widespread curiosity about its meaning and the woman behind it.

The trend began when YouTubers Tim and Dee TV posted a clip of their street interview in Tennessee, where they unexpectedly encountered the woman and her friend. One question posed was, “What’s the one move in bed that makes men go crazy every time?”
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