Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Libya

African Valve is the premium Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Libya. Butterfly valves are used to control the flow of liquid and material through pipes by means of a disc mounted on a rotating shaft. When the valve is closed the disc is positioned perpendicular to the flow direction and block the passage of the fluids and when the valve is open, the disc is rotated parallel to the flow direction, allowing fluid to flow freely through the valve.

  • Operation: Butterfly valves provide quick shut off operation. They are opened or closed by rotating the disc a quarter turn using a lever, gear operator, or actuator.
  • Design: These valves have a disc-shaped closure component's resemblance to butterfly wings is how it got its name. The disc is the main component of the butterfly valve. It is a flat or slightly curved plate that rotates 90 degrees within the valve body to control the flow.

Ensure efficient and seamless operations in fluid control systems with reliable and trusted Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Libya.

Types of Butterfly Valve we supply:
  • Triple offset Butterfly Valve: These valves feature three distinct offsets within the valve design; these three offsets work together to provide a bubble-tight shut-off, minimal seat wear, and precise flow control.
  • Lug Butterfly Valve: These valves have threaded inserts at both ends which allow them to be bolted directly to flanges without the need for nuts, which makes them easy to install and remove.
  • Wafer butterfly valve: These valves are light and have a thin design which is installed in the limited space to provide flow control in both direction
  • Double offset Butterfly Valve: These valves have two offsets in its design intended to improve sealing performance, provide bubble-tight shut-off, even in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

  • Butterfly Valve are widely used in water treatment plants for controlling the flow of water, chemicals, and slurry in various processes, including filtration, sedimentation, and disinfection.
  • In chemical Industry these valve are used to control the flow of corrosive chemicals, acids, and solvent by providing a tight shut off in process equipment
  • Butterfly valves play an important role in power generation including fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy plants.
  • Butterfly valves are utilized in the oil and gas industry for controlling the flow of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products in pipelines, refineries, and offshore platforms.

  • Body Material: Cast Carbon steel (WCC,WCB, WC6), Stainless Steel, [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F31L, F91], Duplex Steel and Super duplex Steel (F51,F53,F55) , Cast iron, Ductile Iron.
  • Size – 2” – 48”
  • Class: 150 to 300; PN 6 – PN 25
  • Ends: Wafer, flanged, lug
  • Operations: Lever and Gear operated, Pneumatic and Electric actuated

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