Beyoncé named music's most powerful woman by BBC Woman's Hour power list


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Sorry. When you have about 7 writers, 3 producers to produce yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah, you get my drift, it’s a travesty. Utterly banal.

I don't call her queen anything... only her tone deaf followers call her that.

Beyonce is very beautiful but I haven't seen in her any real talent in music. She doesn't have a particular voice like Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey from the 90's, for example.


No disrespect to Beyonce , but Taylor Swift is way cooler.

She's sold her soul to the Devil masquerading as the Elite. She gets their message across to confuse the masses. And the media...well, we know what they do.

I concur with this, she has been so consistent over the years and her songs are awesome.


I like her music but I will not call her a queen.

Nope, it's Dolly Parton, then it's Loretta Lynn, then it's Crystal Gail, then it's Tammy Wynette, then it's Barbara Mandrell, then it's Tanya Ticker, Tucker!!! then it's Emilou Harris then it's TIME FOR MORE COFFEE!!!

There are loads of great singers who are powerful and amazing not just her Xx.

she's just another woman in the world with lots of money nothing to me or my family and friends, so who cares, she isn't a queen, she is just a woman no better than anyone else.

Not a huge fan but she’s beautiful and has a brilliant voice and stage presence. She was born with talent. Just not my type of thing.

And yet, she can't sing two verses without the "F" word. Says a lot about our social culture doesn't it?

If only power equated to talent. Unfortunately there is no accounting for taste especially where Beyoncé’s awful disco music is concerned.

you people should stop judging other people according to the bible if you know your heart and your mind is clean then be the first person to throw a stone.

I've new reading glasses, I can finally see what those dodgy coloured squiggles are on your posts, BBC! Happy days.

Beyoncé, my favourite artist of all time.

I was a huge fan of Destiny's Child, but Beyonce by herself just doesn't do it for me vocally. However, Rihanna's voice instantly grabbed my attention and has more class.

Presume you mean financially...

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I have nothing against her just some people act as if she’s the only singer Xx.

Come to the Uk we have or had much better female singers/song writers.
I preferred Lady Gaga thought she was a lot more original compared to Beyonce.

Where's the magnificent Britney Spears in this list?

I do not think so. She has no real talent.

No she's not that would be Loretta Lynn.

Give me Joan Jett, Chrissy Hynde, Katrina, Belinda Carlisle, The Bangles and Kate Bush any day over her. You know artists that write their own musiç, lyrics, play instruments and have talent.

Very surprised not to see Sharon Osbourne on this list.

I can't see my name on this list.

Eh? i cant stand the wailing banshee !!!