Ariana Grande worries fans after asking for just 'one okay day'


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Must be so hard being a good looking successful millionaire. Times must be hard.

Worked out for robin williams didnt it?

Wow people are so judgemental! Yes she has a life of luxury and is very privileged in many ways compared to others but money does NOT buy true happiness and it doesn’t take all your problems away.

Be a little bit more considerate of other people’s feelings.

No amount of money can fix horrific events that happen to you or things that you go through.. Mental health disorders and PTSD have no prejudice! Unless you have lived with someone who has issues or you have some issues yourself you shouldn't down talk others because you DO NOT UNDERSTAND! I'm glad some people get to live such perfect lives!

Didn't she recently lose her boyfriend ? Also trauma of the Manchester bombing .
Im not suprised she has some stuff to work through I feel for her and hope she gets peace soon.

Money doesn’t buy happiness. She had to go through what happened at the Manchester bombing, she wasn’t injured or didn’t see the extent of the tragedy with her own eyes, but she felt responsible and suffers from anxiety because of it. Her ex also just died of an overdose and people blamed her because she left him and got with someone else shortly after.
So stop saying she shouldn’t complain because she has money or because she’s attractive.
I personally was in a very bad financial situation and was feeling very depressed. Now I’m in a much better situation ... still depressed. Yes, I’m not stressed anymore thinking if I can afford to pay rent, but I’m still not 100% happy even tho I have money in my bank.

We all struggle and have these times in our life. It's nice she is famous and gets a huge response, but can you imagine if we cared more about the people in our daily life?

Attention seeker.

All of the negative and nasty comments! Give it a rest please. The lady you’re talking about will still be struggling to come to terms with what happened in Manchester she is going to be associated with that all her life so get over yourselves and remember not everyone is as cynical as you.

I'm not even sure I could correctly name a song of hers, but anyone can go through mental health issues, not to mention she's had some major events that would cause anyone difficulties. People were murdered during her concert last year. Someone she'd been in a relationship with recently od'ed. You really think having money keeps her from feeling that? Have some compassion.

Cant follow this channel anymore. I dont even know who this is.

Whatever you think of this young lady an horrific event happened after one of her concerts. It would profoundly affect me too!

I would totally trade lives with her, that way i can complain about wanting ”one ok day” and have a gigantic bank acount and house. All the while she deals with us common joe problems, if she actually has mental problems she should seek out medical attention, not go on social media and be a drama queen seeking attention.

She needs Jesus.

l I know what she means, I used to long for good days.....
Ariana has had a lot of rubbish happen to her.

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the fashionably maudlin ms Big, poor thing, could have spoken out against the terrorism which wrecked the lives of the families affected to every possible negative extent by the attack at her Manchester concert. Instead, she got up on stage days later and doubled down on her pornographic stage show content singing to 12 yr old girls ''ride my bicycle, wrist icicle''. Guess she er.. ''blew' her chance of one good day then, didn't she..'

Totally feel for her. She’s had it tough.. Money doesn’t buy happiness. She’s young and been through bloody loads.

People, as usual, are so nasty!! Some people should be ashamed of their comments!!

Shes been through so much these last few months the poor girl Shes such a pretty lady and deserves to be happy x.

Fame recognition, money does not bring happiness. On the contrary show businesses for most part ruins people’s life’s.

Oh girlfriend, we cannot lose that voice!. Sending love and light, calming, peaceful, powerful loving arms to wrap you up and hold you during this difficult time!

Ohmygoodness. Turn on the news, Ariana Grande. The world is falling apart.

Times must be hard but just look onto Jesus.

I'm still mad at what she did to those donuts a few year ago. DONUT LICKER! LOL, jk. Hope she's okay.

WAS scrolling so fast, thought it said, “passed away.”