Zhu Xian 8 _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

This power is amazing, under a roar, there is a sense of wind and clouds changing color, the original huge cave in the quiet, was finally completely broken. The roar spread far away, the dark red light and shadow trembled in midair, the circle of light on the Fu Long Ding also trembled, and then the red awn, which seemed to be spiritual, slowly turned around. In the face of this strange array and unknown things, small gray teeth grinning, full of fierce color, head held high and roared, after a moment, suddenly feet on the ground, suddenly a huge monkey body rose into the air, more than ten feet high distance, the giant monkey flew up, awesome and terrible, halfway the red shadow all retreated, is about to hit the Fu Long Ding. But the four spirits blood array, after all, is no small matter, Fu Long Ding in the small ash is about to rush up, suddenly appeared around a layer of red as blood mask, small ash's giant body hit this layer of mask, such a huge momentum was invisible, not inch forward, and fell back. And then,information kiosk price, the four spirits blood array has begun to fight back. Countless dark red shadows gathered in midair, and from a distance, Fulong Ding was like a strange red sun, surrounded by thousands of red rays, forming a huge light curtain. And above the light curtain, hundreds of red bulges gradually appeared, each of which was three feet square. Moments later, the sound of "boom" filled the whole cave in an instant. These hundreds of red bulges burst together, from which strange and horrible round objects like blood bubbles were shot out. They fell from the sky like rain, and shot at the body of Xiao Hui like a storm. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 8 Monkeys (4) Xiao Hui roared to the sky,face detection android, roaring like thunder, and the golden red light of his whole body became more and more hot. As soon as his body fell to the ground, he turned over, and his agility was almost as if he had no weight at all. The strange objects shot from midair hit the platform floor one after another, instantly corroding the hard rock floor into big holes and making a "hissing" strange sound, which was thrilling to hear. The stormy attack had just passed, and without waiting for Ash to breathe back, the terrible light curtain in midair had changed again, and on the huge red light curtain, there were dozens of bulges again, but this time each one was half a foot huge, and very fast, without waiting for Ash to react, those huge new bulges had burst again, and burst out of them. It turned out to be a blood-red skeleton shadow, or holding a sword, or mouth venom, more fire-breathing, frozen and other monsters, and so on, interactive kiosk price ,facial recognition thermometer, roaring down from the air, baring teeth and claws to the small ash. Such a horrible scene was like hell. In the huge cave, the wind was roaring at the moment, and the blood in the pool of blood was rolling like boiling. The four spirit beasts seemed to be extremely angry, and they all raised their heads and roared. On the platform, dozens of huge skeletons rushed down together, but in the face of such a scene, the fierce color on his face did not retreat slightly. He clenched his fists in his chest and opened his mouth to shout loudly. Instead of retreating, he rushed up to the front of the skeleton brigade like a tide, turning into a huge gray shadow and rushing into the blood-red array in an instant. Roar.. A huge roar like thunder, tearing the world apart, Xiao Hui rushed into the group of skeletons, left and right to kill, the giant hand waved wildly, and immediately hit several skeletons in front of him and flew out. The first skeleton in front of him was about to cut with a knife. Xiao Hui punched him and cut the blade back to the top of the skeleton's head. By the way, he kicked the skeleton far away with a "thump" and flew straight out of the platform. It fell into a pool of blood. Surrounded by strange roars of skeletons, one after another, it seems that there is no fear at all, all kinds of vicious tactics, for a moment from all sides to the small ash giant body will come over, but in a moment, the gray hair on the body of the small ash has been burned out five or six wounds, some of which have been instantly blackened, obviously highly poisonous. Under the sharp pain, the giant monkey seemed to be even more ferocious. He turned around and slapped him like thunder and lightning. The huge wind swept through him. Under the loud rumbling noise, he knocked the heads of the three skeletons to the ground. He also turned around a few times, and the remaining headless body rushed forward a few steps before falling down. In this round, Xiao Hui was so fierce that he had already wasted half of the dozens of skeletons, but there were many places to hang color on his body, but these wounds seemed to inspire Xiao Hui's ferocity. With a loud roar, he rushed at the remaining skeletons again. Those skeletons are also fierce and fearless to rush up, small ash rushed to the array, lifted his feet and kicked a skeleton next to him, then suddenly a pain behind him, a skeleton monster with a big knife behind him called again and again, cut the knife deep into the back of small ash, small ash with a loud roar, abruptly turned around, blood spattered behind, blood spattered out, the skeleton seemed to be stunned for a moment. Without reacting for a moment, the little grey giant grabbed the skeleton with one hand, threw it hard in the roar, threw it far away, and smashed it on the hard stone wall of the cave in the distance. Too late to look at the results of the battle, Xiao Hui's eyes were more fierce, and he rushed back. Next to him, a skeleton was stabbed with a pike. Xiao Hui didn't look at it. He grabbed the pike in the skeleton's hand and pulled it over. Unexpectedly, the skeleton was also fierce, holding a pike and refusing to let go. His whole body was brought over, and he wanted to stab Xiao Hui in midair. Small ash is angry, hand grab pike suddenly stretched to the top of the head, like a windmill suddenly spin away, "whine whine" the wind suddenly sounded, the skeleton was carried by the pike but became a small ash in the hands of a very long weapon, immediately hit a dozen skeletons nearby to fly out, although the platform is spacious, but for small ash and these skeletons at the moment huge body, it is no different from the round table. This suddenly fell out of the platform and fell into the pool of blood. The sound was incessant, and a dozen skeletons fell into the pool of blood. Most of them were still struggling. It seemed that they still had to complete their mission and return to the platform to fight the fierce monkey to the death. Just don't wait for them to stop in the pool of blood, suddenly a few huge body shadow has appeared in front of them, at the moment the four spirit blood array is busy fighting with the small ash, the dark red mask of the four spirit beasts has been removed,Interactive digital signage, although these spirit beasts have long been empty, but thousands of years of strong spirit beasts, is not an ordinary person. hsdtouch.com