Why is Remy Important for Hair Extensions?


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When you are working with “Non-Remy” hair extensions, you will have strands of Brazilian Hair Bundles that have cuticles going in both directions. This non-consistent direction will quickly cause problems with your Brazilian Hair.

This lack of care usually happens during the process of the collecting or donating of the hair used for the Hair Bundles. Someone will cut the hair, and it drops to the floor and then later collected, then there is a good chance the hair will have cuticles going both up and down. This is also when the collection of single-donor hair is critical.

You must band the hair before it is cut for hair extensions. This method is the best method of collecting hair. As long as the strands stay in the same position during the shackling and wefting process, then you should have Remy hair extensions once the creation process is complete.

Manufacturers of hair extensions are more educated now and understand the importance of the entire process and need for quality Remy hair.

Remy VS. Virgin Hair. Which is Better?

While Remy hair is considered a high-quality grade of hair, it is not the best nor is it the worst.

Remy hair can come in all quality levels. Some vendors mix their low-quality non-Remy hair with synthetic fiber. And there is also top grade Remy hair that is soft, silky, and can even be colored. It is best to purchase from a reputable source to avoid purchasing low-quality, non-Remy hair.
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