Why Does Sciatica Occur?

Anhedonia is the inability to Joint N 11 experience pleasure, particularly from activities you used to enjoy. A mother who doesn't enjoy playing with her baby, for example, may be suffering from anhedonia. This is a particularly devastating condition; not only does it render life joyless, but those afflicted may feel they have "gone crazy" or that they are bad people who don't love those close to them anymore. Understanding the mechanisms of anhedonia will help individuals with chronic pain to cope with it.

Anhedonia has a clear biochemical cause. To understand this condition, you need to first understand a key component of the brain's reward processing mechanism, the neurotransmitter dopamine.Dopamine performs many functions in the body. Most relevant to our topic is its job of initiating the reward/pleasure response in the brain, which helps motivate us to seek further reward and pleasure by pursuing activities that induce this positive response.

Dopamine is also part of the body's response to stress. It is responsible for the release of adrenalin that occurs during physical or psychological stress that readies us for action. Chronic pain is both physically and mentally stressful, which means your stress response is constantly being triggered. Over time, the constant release of dopamine can deplete your brain's supply. A lack of dopamine translates into a lack of pleasure.