Why a village in New Zealand is trying to ban all cats


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I think sterilizing humans will actually be a better way of environmental protection than banning cats....

The world would be way better off without humans, that's for sure.

What's funny is if you did that in NZ the non native wildlife would obliterate the native wildlife.

Cats are the least of our problems down here. Ferrets, stoats ,possums , rats and rabbits all eat native plants and birds eggs. They are far more damaging than your moggy.

Hard to argue with that
That said, new Zealand has serious problems from felines.

Lily Hyatt Hitler, Mao ect only existed because they were born. If their parents had the snip they'd never exist lol.

Let's be honest if we had to choose who is destroying the environment the quickest it would be humans hands down.

Isn't the cat native enough?

A small village on the southern coast of New Zealand is planning to implement a radical plan to protect its native wildlife: ban all domestic cats. Under the initiative, proposed by Environment Southland, cat owners in Omaui will have to neuter, microchip and register their moggies with local authorities.

The UK needs a domestic Cat cull. I don't own one but always suffer the piles of pooh and sick on my garden.
Like dog owners who whine about treating dogs like kids.....You don't see kids pulling pants down to have a crap on someone else's garden!!
Cats are a pest and should be treated as such.

Cats are fine but should be kept indoors unless they are on a harness. It's better for the cats too. After my first cat went missing I promised to only keep my cats indoors. They are very happy cats, too.

I have 8 cats, all free ranging, a source of much pleasure, but then I also live on a farm, they may catch the occasional mouse or lizard, but never birds. It would be a sad world without our pets, they enrich our lives....and it is a very sad person that would suggest a cull.

Having just cleared up 2 piles of cat poop before I can let my young grandsons out to play in the garden I can see what you mean. Cat owners choose to have a cat, I choose not to. Resent having to do the disgusting, stinky job of clearing up after someone else’s cat. Had to give up growing vegetables because cats just thought the newly tilled veg bed was a nice place to poo but now they do it on the lawn. Sorry cat lovers, you love your cats....we don’t.

Heidi I. MacLean only on a harness? Because you lost a cat? How utterly cruel. Don't get another cat. Keeping cats indoors is almost more cruel than a general cull. How would you like being in prison and never being allowed to go outside?

I bet you've declawed the poor thing too. Sick.

Mass killing when something is a nuisance ain't such a great forward for humanity eh. Besides it wouldn't be tolerated by the wider public, be unmanageable and technically be an offence under criminal damage legislation (Cats/Dogs technically) and possibly animal cruelty laws if not done humanely. I get the problem as I have cats and have found stuff I don't want to find in my garden. There are solutions though if it is really bothering you which wouldn't cost a fortune. Me thinks frustration has lead to you writing a silly post sir, unless you are simply an irritated pyschopath?

Alexander S Cottrell the article doesn't suggest mass killing.

Karen Elizabeth Adam so why suggest a cat cull.for pet cats.What about the dogs that foul pavements and keep neighbours awake with thier incessant barking would you suggest the same for them too.

Same with my parent's garden - they have the biggest out of all neighbors and grow all sort of eatable plants, it is a huge hobby, but dozens of neighbor's cats choose to hang out there, it's not only the poo and pee that is toxic fro plants, but also disgusting fur on outside dinner table, cats laying on couches, etc, neighbors do not care so maybe we also should not about where those cats eat some rat poison.

What a miserable get. If you don't want cats in your garden then throw water on them when you see them. This won't harm them and it will stop them coming. I have 7 cats and love everyone of them. Only one goes outside but uses a litter tray so doesn't bother anyone. If people didn't get cats and decide to dump them then the poor little things wouldn't be out searching for food. I haven't always been a cat lover so I understand your view. But I never hurt one . Try the water but not in cold winter because that is cruel.

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I had two cats. They were raised as house cats with access to an enclosed outdoor area. They lived long, happy, healthy lives without catching and killing native wildlife. It can be done without denying people the joy of having cats in their lives.

I remember reading some history books when there was a war on cats... shortly afterwards the bubonic plague started because of an increase in the rat/mouse population... good luck with that....

I absolutely love cats, have had them since childhood, but they belong indoors. It's safer for them and safer for wildlife.

This banning cats deal makes sense. A uncontrolled feral cat population devastates wild game like birds and small mammal populations. But it doesnt seem to matter to you since you all love cats.. Y'all seem to be about as blind to this situation as conservatives are on climate change.

Also cats are not the only animals in the world that eats rats just chill on that plz.

Article ends with this: ""Cats make wonderful pets - they're spectacular pets! But they shouldn't be allowed to roam outside - it's a really obvious solution," he told the BBC.
"We would never let dogs do that. It's about time we treat cats like dogs.""

So sick of ignorant ppl cats have Only been house pet for 50 years. Species survived fine TIL then. Humans are the cause of extinction on a mass level. So save the cats kill
All humans.

That's great, I've met so many people who own cats and insist they be allowed freedom well beyond what other pets are permitted in city limits. They always have some dumb speach about " it's in their nature" and all I hear is I refuse to be responsiblefor the sake of the actual natural wildlife present. I'm going to loose my invasive species to devastate the environment in which it actually doesn't belong to breed uncontrollably and drive certain species to near extinction.

I adore my cats. But I think, in this case, all cats need to be chipped or otherwise identifiable. And if found outside the owners are to be fined and held accountable. Any cats without identification to be placed in a shelter, advertised for adoption, and then (if unavoidable) euthanized.