Which countries eat the most meat?


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No. Every time I've been subjected to "Veganuary" promotions I've had a bacon sandwich. I've had more bacon in January than in the previous 6 months. For the record, I eat a lot of vegetarian food, but humans are omnivores and designed to eat meat and plant-based foods. I just don't like being preached to; I wouldn't have a go at vegetarians or vegans about their choices and I expect the same respect in return.

Revealed: The world's most vegetarian country.

Bangladesh: crowded trains, not many tourists.

I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not going to tell anyone else they can't eat meat, just don't expect me to eat meat.

No one cares just like brexit.

Well educated researchers. Once upon a time, classified humans as ominivores, eaters of both meat and vegetables. Now 2018/2019 people with their smart phones and 4 GCSE's think humans should be herbivores.

Fun fact, most anti-vaxxers are women. Double fun fact, a good part of anti-vaxxers are also vegan/vegetarian. Don't know if they also are flat-earthers, wouldn't put it beyond them.

Stop with the vegan agenda.

Regardless of personal preferences when it comes to food and eating meat, it is important to note the environmental factors. Raising livestock for meat, eggs and milk generates 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the second highest source of emissions and greater than all transportation combined. It also uses about 70% of agricultural land, and is one of the leading causes of deforestation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution.

I love meat but it's OK for countries like Japan Norway etc for what culture.

I'm going to increase my meat intake...just out of sheer bloody mindedness...

I’ve decided to continue veg free Monday forever and I feel fantastic. No more minging veg for me!

Do vegans allow their children to breast feed? As the milk is technically coming from an animal. If so isn't that hypercritical on their beliefs?

And I thought that we brazilians would be in the top 3. We need to improve this, maybe have a barbecue to discuss strategies.

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For me this is really about environment and health. I often read about scandals in meat industry like last one with Polish beef that rotten from sickness meat go through processing and to the shops.
I still eat meat but like 1-2 dinners a week.
And some people that eat meat with evey meal need to realize that they don't need to go vegan but this amount of meat is not healthy for them.

We can get same amount of protein and vitamins through veg also , it matter of taste only..

When the waiter asks how rare I want my steak, I tell them to lead it to the table on a leash.

I've never felt better than after I've eaten some juicy dog steak. The lean protein is great for my muscles and it tastes better than chicken!

I went meat free for a while. Not that hard Quorn substitutes are actually pretty nice.

Gees I need a bacon sandwich.

More money, more meat it's so expensive here is Philippines, that's why we prefer to eat vegetables..just pick up to my backyard and then cook, no wasting money.